Unwording Cassette Tapes

Parting Ways With The Word

Music has played a large part of our lives.

I'm sure you all agree with me. We listen to it in any way we can. We use different gadgets and electronics in order for us to enjoy our favorite tunes and artists. Media players, MP3 players, CD players, internet and the radio are the most commonly used devices to enjoy music nowadays.

But way back in the times that those devices haven't been invented yet, one media format was dominating music playing. And sadly, the word will be forever gone from this world. According to Oxford Dictionary, they will be removing the word to make room for new ones.

Cassette Tapes

These plastic with brown magnetic tape strips had played my favorite songs in the 80's and 90's. I remembered purchasing my first tape "YO!" by Francis M and it was the start of my brief passion of collecting these things.

I also recall the advantages of playing these tapes would be a good experience as oppose to the music we listen to using today's gadgets.

Complete Playlist
Unlike today's CD and mp3, I play all the songs in the cassette tape. This way I get to listen to every song included in the album. Even if I only like one song from the album, I get to appreciate the other songs as well. Sometimes there is a hidden / uncredited song as a bonus.

Cool Sleeves
Small as it is, the sleeves included contains album information as well as lyrics, pictures and others. CD's have these also but the smaller the better.

Play / Pause / Rewind
Today's music players only has three buttons only. Playing cassette tapes requires play, pause, stop / eject, rewind and fast forward buttons.

Anti Piracy
Cassette tapes are very hard to pirate or copy. That's why piracy was not rampant those days because its hard to duplicate the music from it. Although I record some on blank tapes, I see to it that's only for my personal use and enjoyment.

First Walkman
I remembered that I asked a Walkman from my father as a birthday gift. He bought me one and I was forever grateful to him. Even if its just a local brand and drains the battery fast as well as my pocket, it was the best gadget I had.

Although my cassette tapes and player still exist today, I don't know what to call it now since it has been removed from the dictionary. Maybe I can invent a word and call it "music reel"?

Or maybe "audio cartridge"?

"Casstape" perhaps?

Whatever we want to call it, I'm glad that I have experienced listening to music using these medium. So to the word "cassette tape", goodbye and thanks for the memories.


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