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Responsible Usage Of Social Media

Twitter and Facebook has been a large part of Filipino lives. They get to say whatever they want, anytime, anywhere. This would show that Filipino loves the freedom of expression.

They can also share their thoughts and feelings through their shout outs and status messages on their walls. But some are not interested though.

But one thing I have observed in using these social networking sites is the irresponsibility of people. They tweet messages then delete after already offending people. They degrade people by posting status quotes on their Facebook wall then apologize if it hurt someone. That's BS!

Before posting something on your Twitter or Facebook, make sure you follow unwritten rules such as:

  1. Be responsible. Make sure you won't hurt anyone's feelings.
  2. Post clearly. Make sure messages are understood clearly.
  3. Direct. Send your messages to the correct party.
These are the guidelines I use when using social networks. I see to it that I follow these simple rules for me to be responsible as I can be.

Messages and information are being given to use in different ways. Even voice messages are being understood incorrectly. How much more if its written?

With this article, I support Think Before You Click campaign. This will be my contribution. Nothing more.

Do you have any ideas or suggestions in having a responsible use of Social Networks? Share it by leaving comment below.


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