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Define sexy? What does it take to be the sexiest woman in the world?

FHM presented the results of the 100 Sexiest Women In The World. But somehow I could not help but think if its truly the result of voting. I don't vote for anyone but I respect the results. Anyway, I bought an issue of it.

The winner of this year's poll is one of our girls here, Sam Pinto. I definitely agree with the results. She's truly deserving for the number one spot.

In this post, I would list down my version of the sexiest Filipina. I could not list all 100 of them but I'll count the top 9 in my list. Here they are:

9. EB Babe Saida

8. Michelle Madrigal

7. Jasmine Curtis

6. Ellen Adarna

5. Sam Pinto

4. Jocelyn Oxalade

3. Georgina Wilson

2. Ehra Madrigal

And tied for the top spot, This is a first in any sexiest women list.

Angel Locsin and Christine Reyes

A sexy woman for me should be smart and appealing. She doesn't need a man to get what she wants. Respected and oozing with sex appeal. A woman that can be a wife, a friend and a partner. That's the real essence of a sexy woman.

Good thing I have a wife that has all of those qualities. I would definitely vouch for her to be numero uno. 


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