Punta De Fabian

Hilltop Relaxation

I always make sure that I would be able to join every team building. It is my way to acquiant with my colleagues and have fun with them. I can also get to places I haven't visited yet.

We held our latest team building recently and I was able to visit another new place. This time, we headed east of Metro Manila atop the hills of Rizal province.

Punta De Fabian

Located in one of the hills in Baras, Rizal, the resort was one of the nearest places I had gone to. It just took us an hour van-ride to get to the place.

When we got there and mostly during our stay, it was raining already. So I was limited to shoot pictures indoors only. My colleagues were also limited to stay in their rooms aside from the boys who played basketball even if its raining.

Key Points
During our stay here, I get the chance to observe the different amenities and services they offer here. Here are some of the good points:

  • Nice large rooms - We can even stay in a large room all 19 of us.
  • Infinity Pool - Overlooking the fields and Laguna Bay. I was unable to use the pool though.
  • Meal Time Serving - On time and delicious.
  • Transportation Service - They have this pick up point from Antipolo going to the resort.
  • Videoke Machine - We don't have to drop 5 pesos every time we want to sing a song.
  • Cable TV - Since it was raining, I stayed in our room and watched WWE Raw. Unlike the other resort where they offer cable TV but no channel shows any programs.
  • Other Recreational Activites - Basketball and billiards are among the other amenities they offer to their guests. I didn't try it though.
  • Maze - A nice concrete-made maze for those guests who wants extreme activities.
Things To Improve
Although Punta De Fabian is almost the perfect resort, I happen to find some things that they can improve on:
  • Uphill Entrance - Very steep with almost 90 degree slope.
  • Dining Area - It was not able to accommodate guests if they decided to eat all at the same time.
  • Overpriced Ice In A Bucket - 50 pesos each?! What the?!
  • Water Heater - I had a hard time in operating the water heater when I was taking a bath.
  • Single Serve Meal - I had to admit, the food included in our package was unable to satisfy our hunger. Although it was good but I have to tell that its "bitin".
Overall, it was a good experience. Although there was some issues with the service and the food, the completeness and the ambiance of Punta De Fabian made up for some flaws. I was able to enjoy and relax at the same time during my stay here.

If it was not raining, it was a perfect time for a photo shoot. Definitely, I'll come back here for another chance of good photo ops using Nikole.

Punta De Fabian
Baras, Rizal
Rating: Very Good


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