Kabisera Ng Dencio's Review

Rockwell PowerPlant Branch

Me and my wife had the chance to join her former team for a dinner in one of the elitist place in the Metro -- The Rockwell Power Plant Mall.

When I say elitist, I mean that its a posh place for rich people. And from what I heard of the place, they don't allow people wearing flip-flops to enter the said mall. I usually go to malls wearing flip-flops but this is ridiculous. I mean why do they implement such standard when I entered the said mall, its like any other mall?

Anyway, I'm not going to rant such nonsense here. This entry is my review for the restaurant we just had dinner recently. 

Kabisera Ng Dencio's

Obviously, Kabisera is what they call a subsidiary of Dencio's. They serve same Filipino dishes as the famous Dencio's like Kare-Kare, Lechon Sinigang and its famous Sisig. Several outlets are scattered all over gimik spots in the Metro so you can't miss it.


  • Good Food - Those fried green leaves (don't know what its called) and the Okoy are good appetizers. For the main dish, Kare-kare, Pancit and their signature Sisig are served perfectly. 
  • Fine Ambiance - An open space for smokers and and air-conditioned room for non-smokers. Lighting, seats and tables are arranged for both small and large group.
  • Affordable - Pricing for the food we ordered are quite inexpensive. 
  • Customer Service - I did not feel (or should I say we) any special treatment to us by the staff. Its seems there is a discrimination of service if you don't look like rich and famous people. I rate it as blunt fair.
  • Timing - They already served food for some of the other customers that came in later than us. For some reason, ours came later. Poor timing.
  • Payment Terms - We were suppose to pay cash, but I don't have enough. So we gathered the cash and decided to pay using my ATM card(usually it works). The manager and the cashier just solidly gave me a "no" answer. Very rude.

I should be giving Kabisera an excellent rating because of the good dining experience. Its just that this branch seem to be having some of the rude manager and other employee. Having read some of the experiences of other patrons on the internet, I would have to rate this low as I have experienced the same poor service.

The joint and food are good but it will eventually go bad if service and people are not gonna improve.

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Kabisera Ng Dencio's
Rockwell PowerPlant Mall
Rating - Fair


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Kabisera Ng Dencio's Review Kabisera Ng Dencio's Review Reviewed by Stone-Cold Angel on 4:00 AM Rating: 5
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