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Overcoming The Weight Issues

Obesity is one of the biggest issues of both male and female around the world. Aside from the health risks from diabetes and heart-related problems, they are also being discriminated because of their sizes and built.

But this entry won't discriminate these kinds of people. I mean its not their fault that they are born with big bones and large built. Other than that, they need to find a way to reduce their fats.

In this post, I'll feature a nice Filipina celebrity that overcame her obesity problem. She lost almost 100 lbs. before she entered show business. And now, she is one of the hottest and gorgeous TV actress. Here she is...

Iza Calzado. The daughter of TV director Lito Calzado and a sister to Dash Calzado, a member of Legit Misfitz, a Pinoy rap group.

I was already noticing Iza's beauty way back when she was still beginning her career. But my eyes were fixed on other girls. That time she was still displaying her mediocre beauty.

As time progress, her beauty stayed the same. While others are already aging and losing their appeal, Iza's elegant beauty remains intact. Her natural glow competes wih other younger actresses.

I was able to appreciate her more these days, especially when she revealed her hiding body and physique for the Beauty Queen and endorsing a beauty clinic. Its funny that I was so judgmental when it comes to beauty of the opposite sex. I easily judge women based on their looks and physique.

Now I'm liking Iza Calzado more. Not because that she has the physical assets I like in a woman. But for having what I call "smart beauty". She carries it with elegance and the opposite sex respects her for it. I'm sure her fiance' got his reward for a lifetime.


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