How I Installed Android On My 7 Inch Netbook

Cheenee On Android Project

As I have shared with you, I was able to acquire a 7-inch netbook. In fact, she is the one that I'm using in writing the past few articles here. She's very dependable and portable.

Running her on Windows CE is quite good but its hard to find free apps for it. I need applications for my writing and reading tasks.

I also use Evernote for my note taking and blogging. And she is unable to install it because of compatibility issues. How do I install the application to Cheenee?

Solution: Remove Windows CE and install Android

I researched the internet for a development of the said solution. Luckily, there are people that was able to develop or hack Android to run on these kinds of devices. So, I followed their instructions and after a few trials, it was a success

For documentation purposes and for me not to forget the steps, I'll be writing this article. If you want to do this, read this first.

What are the things I need:

  • Netbook
  • SD Card with at least 512 Mb free space
  • Card Reader
  • Internet Connection (for downloading and testing purposes)
  1. I downloaded a file called here.
  2. I used a zip extractor program. Make sure all files are extracted to a folder called script.
  3. I saved it on my SD Card using a my card reader.
  4. hen I inserted the SD card to the card slot on the netbook.
  5. I turned the netbook on and let it run for a few minutes.
  6. When I saw the prompt to shut the netbook down, I turned it off and removed the SD Card.
  7. I turned her back on and enjoyed Android.
After recognizing the great job I did, I immediately installed Evernote and the other apps I need. I was amazed on how Cheenee became more powerful.

But nothing is perfect. As I use Cheenee, I encountered some flaws of this version of Android. Here are some of the issues I have so far:

  1. Battery status indicator has a question mark. There is a solution here but not sure how to do it yet.
  2. There is no sleep or hybernate option. I have to shut it down to save battery.
  3. No Android Market app. Though it has APKTor program installed for installing apps. I haven't tried it yet.
I would like to thank the developers and websites that made this change possible. You have made my Cheenee a very efficient and powerful little netbook. You can click the links below to visit their sites: and

***Update as of December 1 2018:***

Thank you so much to those who commented and asked questions about how I installed Android to my Cheenee. Unfortunately, I already uninstalled it and reverted back to Windows CE since 2012 because it slowed down the performance of the netbook.

I'm not using it anymore. Its already been collecting dust for years.


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