Defending PAGASA's Forecasting Service

Its Forecasting, You Idiot!

Did you ever wonder, even if there is a storm signal, its at least sunny or just cloudy? And then sometimes, there's no storm signal, its raining heavy outside.

Even if the Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration (PAGASA) forecasts that there will be only occasional thunderstorms, heavy rains will pour and flood some provinces.

Even if the said agency has the state of the art, latest technology in weather forecasting, we all know that it will change any minute.

Its because forecasting is like guessing with supporting data. Whatever the forecast will be, how ever the accurate the data are, its gonna be likely to change anytime.

So its really not good to blame all the rains and flooding to PAGASA.

For the nth time, PAGASA is just a weather forecasting agency. Its not the agency that decides if there are suspension of classes, number coding suspension or a vent out agency that would accept the stupidity and carelessness of a mayor, governor or man in congress.

For this entry, I'll be suggesting some simple actions I do whenever there is a forecast of weather disturbance. Here they are:

  1. Be Proactive -- We need to learn from the mistakes that was done in the past and move forward to improve what we can to prevent disasters to happen in the future. I see to it that I am fully aware of the situation and know what to do in case worse comes to worst.
  2. Be Prepared -- Just like boys scouts and girl scouts say -- "Laging Handa!". I always try to be prepared and not get caught off guard. I also educate myself alternate routes and weather info to avoid floods, traffics and being stranded.
  3. Expect The Worse. Whenever there is a typhoon coming, I always expect the worse. I make sure I have the contingency or emergency plans to do when situations becomes worse.
The next time you blame another government agency, like PAGASA, think before reacting. PAGASA has flaws just like any government agency and it doesn't have the newest technology to give us minute per minute updates of typhoons and what it will deliver. PAGASA is not GOD to know everything about the weather.

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