A Blog Reborn

I have been in the process of redesigning and reconstructing my blog for months. It was hard for me to find time and resources. But nothing can stop me in my desire to make my blog reborn.

I ought to have this site to be an income generating blog to support my other expenses. There's no harm in doing it so I'll give it a try. I'm just not quite sure how I can reconsider the main theme or purpose of my blog. There is so much things that I want to write and share here.

For now, these works will do. Same things are gonna be here but some changes are quite obvious. Like these things I listed below:

1. Name - A new name for my blog. Same address but different title. I'm looking for options on how I can get my own domain. What do you think of the name, 9MM-Zine?

2. Header - New logo for 9MM-zine. I'm trying to get the search bar placed along with the header. But the steps I see from the internet are not easy to follow.

3. Body - Although not positioned correctly, share links (Facebook and Twitter) is showing at the end of every post. Bigger fonts for easy reading and resizing of images. I'm having a hard time in putting pagination of the home page, I know I'll get it right.

3. Sidebar - Follow links (RSS, Facebook, Twitter etc.), advertisements are located here obviously. I'll limit the content of the sidebar because I don't want the sidebar longer than the body of my articles. Feedburner and site stats should also be here for bragging while Copyscape protects my articles from plagiarism.

4. Footer - A simple footer is what I want. Copyright and Twitter posts are already showing.

5. SEO - To increase my traffic, I added meta tags and follow advises from blogger experts on how to increase traffic to 9MM-zine. This will be the hardest part and will define my success in blogging.

Commitment, passion and handwork are the keys to the success of my blog. I'm optimistic in reaching my goal before the year ends. So I ask the Lord God for guidance and blessings to make this blog wealthy.

Do you have any suggestions in making this blog productive? Share it by leaving a comment below.


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