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I have been experiencing laziness with writing articles. I don't know why. A part of me tells that I need to write, but another part of me say to do something else.

Aside from that, it seems all of my gadgets are going kaput. First with Padmei, which I have accidentally bricked. Cheenee is having problems with her display and Hermione (my SE P990i phone) is having battery issues.

But I found some time in sketching once again and I'll be posting some of it here soon.

For the meantime, here are some of the things that are running through my mind with the current events. Here goes...

  • Senator Miguel Zubiri is the first senator to resign from his post. From my point of view, he knew the election fraud that happened last 2007. It was just a matter of time that it would be exposed to the public. So before Zubiri gets his ass caught, he bailed out.
  • After the historic resignation, Koko Pimentel, who is Zubiri's rival in the senate, eagerly anticipated the event and eagerly gets his rightful claim of the post. What a pathetic move.
  • The Arroyo's (Former President GMA and First Gentleman Mike Arroyo) are going sicker as their cases of graft and corruption piles up. It seems that the only scapegoat that they can get away with all of it is to have a dreadful disease.
  • If you are watching the Jones Cup, particularly between the Smart Gilas and Malaysia, where Asi Taulava throwed some punches to the Malaysian player after the latter had hit Asi below the belt. It seems Yoong Jing is attracted and want to feel Asi's balls.
  • Mideo Cruz, the controversial artist that exhibited what they call "sacrilegious art", got his attention alright. He's works are nothing but trash. Now he's famous.
  • Speaking of these so called "sacriligious art", I personally condemn this exhibit. I mean, why did the artist only showed his art on christianity? Why not do it with other religions as well if he's really an artist. Cruz's intent was clearly to get people's attention and not show his artwork.
  • The alleged rape victim of the Philippine Azkals, Amanda Coling, is one of the most beautiful and sexiest female model. That is if I'm telling you the truth.
  • The Philippine Olympic Committee and the Philippine Sports Commission are one of the most incompetent and worthless government agencies. You should be ashamed of yourselves for what you are doing to our athletes.
  • Lastly, a big CONGRATULATIONS to our Philippine Dragon Boat Federation Team for winning 5 golds and 2 silver medals and being the three-peat champions of the International Dragon Boat Federation World Championships held in Tampa Bay, Florida. The Filipino people are very much proud of you! Never mind the POC and the PSC.

That's about it. It seems there are so many things happening in our country today but only a few are good to hear about. Its sad that all the news I hear from the radio, I watched on TV and read on newspapers and the internet are just about bad things.

I am just praying that before I leave this earth, Philippines is one of the first world country already.


Credits to the original uploader/s of the picture/s shown on this post.

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