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Guide to Keep Your Computers In Shape

Almost all of us now are using computers. May it be for work, business, school or gaming, we are all required to use computers. It is an essential machine for our daily needs.

But sometimes, these machines stall in the wierdest and important times of our lives. They bog down or run slow for no apparrent reasons.

For this entry I'll list down my practices in keeping my computer in shape. I have an old PC that still runs and hasn't failed me in my computing needs.

I'm not a computer guru or geek so I won't be responsible if whatever happens to your computer. This is just general practices that workd for me.

1. Knowledge. I know my computer. And I know what my purpose in using it. By doing so, I was able to maximize the usage of my computer.

2. Software. I install only the software that I use for my computer. I don't bloat my PC with unnecessary software that will slow it down.

3. Learning. I learned how to basically troubleshoot my computer. Isolation is my key for resolving computer issues.

4. Protection. I install and update my security software to defend my computer from threats and malicious software.

5. Clean Up. I regularly clean my PC both externally and internally. I also defrag and do system clean up for maximum PC performance.

6. Responsibility. I use the internet responsibly. I don't open email attachments that came from random people that might harm my PC.

7. USB. I use only clean and uninfected flash drives to protect my computer from infection.

8. Turn Off. I always shut down my computer when not in use. Not only that I give the PC its resting time, I also save electricity and energy.

Always remember that no one can be blamed for whatever happens to your computer. It will only do what its human user request it to do. So the next time your computer runs slow, crashed or stopped working, it is you, and only you that is responsible for it.

What are your practices in making your computers in shape? Share it by leaving a comment below.


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