Nine Best Android Apps

For Padmei

As I had told you on my entry APAD Tablet Review, I am using Padmei a lot. She was a substitute for the computers I had before.

But of course, Padmei has limitations. She can't do the PC tasks that I usually do before like editing pictures and play PC games. But she made me a happy camper.

When I bought Padmei, my primary purpose for her would be image viewing, reader and basic browsing. Although I wasn't able to find an app that would let me, at least, view RAW images from my camera but I didn't know she can offer me some other features that make my computing tasks much easier.

Aside from being portable, she boasts a good task in handling my writing and reading chores. And with this entry, I'll share you the apps that I use with Padmei. So here they are...

A note taking app that handles my writing and blogging articles. If I have something in my mind like an idea or I need something to write and share about, Evernote handles it. And my files are saved in their cloud so I have access to it anytime. Maybe I just need to learn how to save my notes on my memory card and this app will be perfect. Excellent!

This gives me updates on the sites and blogs that I follow. So you can't say that I am not reading your posts. I just can't comment to them. But I read them here. It syncs with my Google Reader and downloads them in my memory card for reading later. I get to know the latest and good reads from the sites and blogs I follow. Very Good!

Astro File Manager
Its like Windows Explorer on Android so that you can organize your files with a flick of your finger. Although unlike the real file manager, it doesn't have the "select all and move all" option so that you can move multiple files from the hard drive to the memory card. Good app though.

A cloud based app where you can store your files, pictures, (porn)videos, music and others. I haven't used this app very often since I have all my files stored on my back up drive, but its nice to have a storage online. You can also have up to 8 Gig space online if you share it with friends. I use this to store files which I get from browsing using a different PC. Good!

Dolphin Browser
An alternative internet browser for Android. Very fast and reliable. It has the feature of storing your most often accessed sites with a button-like feature. Although its hard to copy and paste using this browser but it can store the entire page in my memory card. Very good!

My torrent downloader. Since I don't have a PC to manage my downloading chores, this is the next best thing to acquire files from torrent sites. I tested it in downloading Wrestlemania XXVII and was quite fast. Very Good!

Note Everything
My alternative note taking app when I had problems with Evernote. It saves my notes, audio recording, sketches and others. Although it doesn't have the cloud feature of Evernote, it saves it anyway on my memory card. Good!

Since I write a lot, I need quick access to definitions, synonyms and antonyms for the English language. This app is good since its installed itself on the memory card. So even offline, I have access to words and their meanings. Created by Thad Hughes. Very Good!

Picture Viewer
A basic image viewer but it has some added features. It can also open my e-comics and other eBooks that I have saved. Its a bummer that it can only open basic images save on jpeg, png and bmp formats. But still good.

So there you have it. My most used apps in the Android Operating System.

In my opinion, Android will soon be one of the good OS out in the market. So jump right in and experience Android.


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