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Why I Don't Want To Be Promoted

I have been working for more than a decade. And from those working years, I prefer to be the "working bee" rather than being in rank.

I had my chances and opportunities to go up the corporate ladder with my previous jobs. But after seeing the consequences that will come with the promotion, I decided to stay at low.

Here, in my post, I will be sharing my personal reasons why I don't want to be promoted. I don't want to discourage people from the benefits of going up the ladder but rather warn them with what's coming ahead.


With being a regular employee, I don't meddle myself with other people's issues. I am only responsible with myself and my work. Its not that I am afraid of responsibility but I already learned that it would also mean sacrifice. I think I have more than enough responsibility in life to deal with. Thank you.

Show Off

I don't like showing off just to impress my boss. I think if the boss really sees its employee's skills to make it up the ladder, he or she makes the initiative to help and promote the employee. He doesn't need his ass licked or get something first before doing some actions. I don't agree with the idea even if its the advice of my colleagues.

Oh Thank You!

Once you get promoted, your salary gets high but requires you to do more tasks. That includes being called up even you're in vacation, required to work more hours than the regular 8 hour work and need to attend boring meetings even on rest days. But by doing all of these, the compensation you get is a tap on the back. I hate overtimes and being called on rest days aside from the fact of not being compensated.

And there could be others. I just can't list all of them here. I guess the bottom line is my fear of not meeting other people expectations.

Who would pass up an opportunity to go up? I just think, for now, that its easier to be an employee than being in rank. I can go out after work. I'm just responsible with my own tasks. And I can do whatever I want without expecting calls that would spoil my rest days.

But who knows? I might change my mind...

Again, this post doesn't discourage you in getting promoted. These are the opinion of a blogger and employee. Nothing more.

Do you agree with my reasons of being an employee rather than get promoted? Share your opinions by leaving your comment below.


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