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I haven't been able to continue my hobby in collecting and reading comics since high school. Because my money needs to go to some other priorities, I was just contented in purchasing "on sale" comics just to read and appreciate the art. I'm afraid I can't go back to that hobby again for now because of some other reasons.

But when I learned that a fellow Filipino, Gerry Alanguilan, has been given an award for his own made and published comic book, I ought to have one. I planned that when I get a Gift Certificate from work, I would buy one. And here I am, reviewing it.

As the backcover of the book says, Elmer is a story of how chickens evolved from being food to humans to acquiring human intelligence. A compilation of a four part comic book written and drawn by Gerry Alanguilan while published by Komikero Publishing.

The comic book was a well done compilation. The artwork was very good and the story was well told. The characters were well thought of and helped made the story interesting. I was unable to let the book down because of the good story.

Pity that I have to purchase the compilation rather than the original comic books. But nonetheless, I'm still lucky to have read and appreciate Mr. Alanguilan's masterpiece.

From my point of view, the comic book portrays the issue of racism. Although portrayed by chickens, it showed the problems of racism in every aspect and somehow how we look forward in vanquishing it.

Like the X-Men, they also fight for their survival. Like the rest of us do everyday. But somehow we really can't run from the issue since there are still narrow minded humans that do nothing but inculcate that there is still superiority in the society.

Mr. Alanguilan had shown, in his own way and mind, that there is still hope for racism to be eliminated. Elmer should be one of the greatest comic book ever made.

A good comic book for children and adult alike. Highly recommended!

Gerry Alanguilan
Rating: Very Good

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Credits to Gerry Alanguilan for the picture and artwork shown above.

Elmer Elmer Reviewed by Stone-Cold Angel on 4:00 AM Rating: 5
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