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"Riding high in a Black Mercedes Benz"

I have to admit, I will be doing another tribute article. It seems, its the season of deaths in the music industry these days. If it were not for a video I watched, I would never learned about the news.

Anyway, as I've said, I'll be sharing with you another loss from the OPM industry. A talented guitarist, Linux advocate and local IT pioneer...

Manny Amador
1962 - 2011

Born and raised in Manila, Amador graduated from Ateneo de Manila University. He was also the guitarist of the defunct OPM band, The Breed. Amador died in his sleep due to cardiac arrest that may have been triggered by diabetic complications.

He is also a brother to stage actress, Pinky Amador. I will be posting an article about her later on.

Manny is one of my favorite local guitarist of all time. I just knew him like that.

Even though I did not like the way he man handle the guitar and the way he bang his head (he was short haired way back) when performing, still his guitar playing was superb and brilliant.

I recalled when I had the chance to watch The Breed live, I was staring with awe how Manny smokes his guitar while playing my favorites, Black Mercedes Benz and Apocalypse.

I guess, this is it. I will be unable to watch and listen to his guitar playing ever again. May you rest in peace, Manny Amador, Your music lives on with us forever.


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