7 Inch Netbook Review

Portability and Connection In A Small Package

It seems that China is slowly getting back to be one of the world's best countries. When it comes to business, they are the most reliable race. How else they can be one of the most business minded people? They have been conducting business for the past 500 years already.

One of the business ventures they came up within the last decade was making some electronic gadgets. Some of them are clones of famous brands of cellphones, tablets, laptops and now the smallest netbook, the 7 inch netbook. I happen to have the chance to have one for free.

I just found a 7 inch netbook lying on the floor of a cab I rode going to work. I didn't think that the driver owned it He looked like not even know how to use it either. So I kept it and checked it after work. Here's my review.

Small But Terrible
Cheenee (the name I gave it), is one of the mass produced 7 inch netbook made from China. It is also just the size of Padmei but has a little keyboard built with it. Some of the specification includes:

Limited Usage
Of course, since its a small computer, it has limitations. Its WiFi works almost perfect. The keyboard is quite small so I have to adjust with the keys when typing my articles. The battery lasts quite a few good hours. And the mouse pad is reliable, although it when I accidentally touch it, it moves the cursor to who knows where.

The startup time is quite fast. Windows CE is quite reliable OS as tested on some PDA phones. There are quite a number of applications included. Internet Explorer works but not that impressive. Office Viewers cannot edit files but can only view them. I was also unable to watch videos online even though an application for it was included.

Here are the applications pre-installed with Cheenee with my rating:

Office Viewer (Excel, pdf, etc.) - Good
Picture Viewer - Good
Youtube App - Poor
Windows Media Player and Core Video Player - Fair since I don't have files which can be played with it
Internet Explorer - Fair
Others that I was unable to use - Fair
Satisfaction Rating
Overall, its almost a perfect netbook. I was just disappointed that I can't install some application I need. I know that a real laptop would serve my needs but this would do for now. As for me, its portable and lightweight to carry with me wherever I go. It connects me to the internet on free and available networks and let me surf for my digital life. Good job for the Chinese people that came up with this 7 inch netbook.

Android Hack
As I write this entry, I'm researching to change Cheenee's OS. I read some sites that its possible for her to have Android installed. I'm on the process of doing the hack and I'll come up with an entry regarding this project. Watch out for my next entry.

7 inch Netbook
Windows CE 6 installed with some applications
Rating: Good


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7 Inch Netbook Review 7 Inch Netbook Review Reviewed by Stone-Cold Angel on 5:00 AM Rating: 5
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