Hot Moms For Mothers' Day Batch Two

Tribute To All Mothers 2011

This entry was suppose to be my Mothers Day post for 9MMDOTNET. My explanation won't matter to you any way so I'll just say... "I'm sorry..."

In this post, I will be saluting and admiring (again) the Filipina beauty. But this time, I'll be paying homage to celebrity moms. Those that are still scorching hot even after giving birth. Mothers that did not lose their appeal and still competes with the single and younger girls out there.

I, personally look at these moms to have greater sex appeals than those single ladies. Why? How can they be so attractive and appealing after giving out life to another human being? There are other women that after giving birth, they tend to be lazy fixing themselves and just get out of shape.

Anyway, you can check the first batch and some other entries on this blog. Just use the search widget on the left. For now I'll list down nine that completes batch two of Hot Moms of 9MMDOTNET. Here they are in no particular order...

Angel Aquino
I just recently learned that Angel was already a mother to two kids. But still her beauty is timeless. She is one of those Filipinas that have this "morena" beauty that's not irritating to the eyes. Almost perfect face, body and color with matching intelligence. Definitely, a true Filipina beauty.

Bianca Araneta
Just saw her photos on one of the men's magazine, and I tell you, as if she did not gave birth. Judging her pictures way back then and the photos from the men's magazine, its like she did not aged. Bianca did grow old, just got even hotter.

Apreal Tolentino
I always tried to make an entry for Apreal, but several things get in the way. But that doesn't mean that I lose my attention for her. I was always following her before when she was still a member of the dance group "Showgirls". A pretty face with a nice smile and complete it with a nice body will make any men line up as her next husband.

Nancy Castiglione
After recovering from a break up, news spread that she got pregnant. And after giving birth to twins, she got even hotter. I checked her recent photos from a men's mag, she still has nicest and tamest face I saw. By the way, she also changed her screen name to Nancy Jane and then back to Nancy Castiglione. But the beauty and hotness did not.

Jamilla Obispo
This Pinoy Big Brother alumna had already exposed her hotness even before joining the reality game show, Now, as I look on her other photos scattered all over the internet, she still gets more and more attractive. With those huge bumpers, a curved body and "bumbayin" features, she never fails to get my attention. So very hot for a young mother.

Julia Clarete
One of those celebrities with the nicest smile and pretty face, Julia defines a rocker chick. Often under rated, she already earned herself a Hollywood ticket when she won the TV reality show, "Pinoy Hollywood Dream". Even though nothing happened with the prize she won, I'm thankful that it did not push. Because, I won't be able to peek at her gorgeous body. Even though she is now a mother, she got even hotter.

Jenylynn Mercado
Her photos of her recent trip to Boracay are scattered all over the internet. Her almost perfect white complexion gives her beauty standout from the rest. She just got dumped by Dennis Trillo and now she's single again and I'm pretty much sure men would want a piece of this fine, hot young mom.

Amanda Griffin
After a few years hiatus from the modeling scene, Amanda is back with even hotter vengeance. I got the chance to scan her photos in a men's mag and I did not notice the difference. Already an icon in the local modeling scene, her husband is most surely proud that she got one of the prettiest in the land.

So here you go. The nine hottest Filipina celebrity moms in the eyes of Stone-Cold Angel. I want to do this monthly but if you are following this blog, you know that I have a problem with time management.

I would also want to take this opportunity to greet the two hottest mothers for me, my wife Shane, whom I am proud of being a mother to our daughter, Cielo. And my Nanay, that even though I have so many hang ups against her, she's still the most understanding mother in the universe.

To all mothers around the world, Happy late Mothers Day!

Special thanks to Randy for following 9MMDOTNET. Come back for more!


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