End Of The Journey

Endings, Splits And In Memoriam

In the past few months, several people and things had already ended and bid us farewell. People died and things and camaraderie parted ways.

I haven't been able to pay tribute to those people and things that had been part of my life. If you are a Filipino, they had been a part of your lives in more ways than one.

I was suppose to give them a page dedicated to each of them but it might take me several years to write a post on each. I have this sickness of procrastinating tasks. And I want to cure it starting with this entry.

I'm gonna do a one time tribute to make up to those I want to pay tribute to. They are listed here in random order. I apologize that this entry had already been late.

NU 107
The only FM station in the Philippines that rocks! They were the original radio station to play rock music. It first aired its broadcast in 1987 with owner Atom Henares. Although I like LA105 more when it was still on air, NU still is a second choice until the earlier got axed from the airwaves.

NU also started the "Rock Awards" that gave honors and awards to outstanding musicians for 23 years. I never had the chance to attend that said event although I wished for it every year. But since I the attendees of the awards ceremony are exclusive to those invited, I was disappointed year after year.

Last November 7 2010, at midnight, NU ceased its broadcast to change its format. Several hundred supporters gathered up at Ortigas Center where the studio is located.

My favorite segments here are "In The Raw" with Francis BrewRemote Control WeekendThe Midnight Countdown and Not Radio.

I was already liking this band because of the hard rock type of music they play and the message in each of their songs. The quartet of Bamboo Mañalac on vocals, Ira Cruz on guitars, Nathan Azarcon on bass and Vic Mercado on drums creates original and good music.

I remember that I just reviewed one of their albums "Tomorrow Becomes Yesterday" here in my blog not knowing that that would be their last album released. I missed the chance to at least see or watch them perform live. Too bad.

As for my favorite songs of Bamboo, "Noypi", "Hallelujah", "Tatsulok" and "So Far Away".

Here's another band that I really liked. And they again had moved forward in separate ways. I also reviewed one of their album "Mornings and Airports" here. It seems that whenever I review an album, they disband. Coincidence? Maybe. But I really liked this band for the happy and catchy melody but dark and down lyrics and message.

The trio of Ebe Dancel on vocals and guitars, Jal Taguibao on bass and Kaka Quisumbing on drums had parted ways to pursue musical diversity.

Their songs like "Burnout", "Mariposa", and "Hari Ng Sablay" are almost like written about my life. I will forever make them one of my favorite Pinoy bands.

Paquito Diaz
The greatest villian of Philippine movies. I already made an entry about the greatest character actors in the Philippine movie industry on my point of view here. And I know that he holds the title of the greatest antagonist in the industry. No one had made the word "kontrabida" defined without Paquito Diaz.

There was a big change in his physical feature when he got hit by hypertension and stroke. He lost his "bad boy" physique.

Nevertheless, for me, he is still the best character actor in the local movie industry.

I would nominate him as a National Artist for his exceptional portrayal as a villain in Filipino movies. There would be no FPJ if there was no Paquito Diaz.

Randy "Macho Man" Savage
I have been a wrestling fan since I was a kid. One wrestling superstar I admired was "The Macho Man".

Randy Savage (Randy Poffo in real life) was famous in the squared circle with his signature over the top rope elbow drop move, flashing attire and bandanna and the flared sunglasses. He was an immediate crowd favorite in the WWE.

I was lucky to catch him on some other wrestling shows and even played the wrestler in the first Spiderman movie. That's the last time I saw him.

Just recently, I just read the news that he encountered a road accident that took his life. And just like that, a legend like The Macho Man died. A great loss in the wrestling entertainment industry.

But I would still commend the man and his talent for sharing it to us, wrestling fans. Wherever you are, he will always one "Macho Man". Randy Savage, RIP!

This is going to be my tribute entry for this month. More to come in the next months so keep on coming back to 9MMDOTNET.


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