Summer Getaway Suggestions

Happy Summer!

Its already April, but I can already feel that summer is just around the corner. Although the temperature and humidity is still cool due to climate change, this month is suppose to be the start of summer. This year, I don't have plans yet of getting to the beaches or any out of town trips.

As you all know, I'm already a father to Cielo and all of our resources and attention are directed to her. These kinds of activities are not a priority for me and my wife for the following months. But, its still negotiable.

For today's entry, I'm gonna list down and rate the other summer destinations I have been in the past. Those places that I had been to but hasn't been shared anywhere in this blog or in any other sites.

The reason I want to write about this is to feel a sense of completion to this blog. I feel that I had been neglecting the Escapades category in this blog. Although there is a few of them tagged, but still I want to complete it.

You can check out my past escapades posted here for Cliff Royale Resort in Subic, Olongapo, Sulit Resort and Kabayan Resort both in Laiya, Batangas.

So let's start the ball rolling... I hope I'm gonna be able to list them all.

Some Private Swimming Pools and Resort in Pansol Laguna
These swimming pools that are owned privately are the easiest and cheapest getaway. A barangay of different privately owned swimming pools and rest houses. I must have been there for over three times already.

Of course, in different rest houses and it was all good experiences. I had forgotten the names of those resort I have been to. All I know is that I enjoyed my stay there. If you happen to choose to relax in Pansol, try those resorts and private pools near Mt. Makiling. The water there is much warmer than the private pools on the other side.

Prices range around five thousand and fifteen thousand for a 24-hour stay. Very good!

Public beaches in Estanza, Pangasinan and in Sariaya, Quezon
These places were just public beaches and no one manages it. I was with my wife (she was still my girlfriend back then) when we went to Pangasinan. It was dirty with all the rubbles and dried branches washed over by the strong waves.

Its the other way around in Sariaya. The beach were nice and quiet even though no one is managing the beach. Good.

Hundred Islands
There are no resorts here. We did island hopping in this place. But when we stopped over in one of the islands there to experience the waters and the views, I was surprised that the beach was very crystal clear. I can see the seabed and the small fishes swimming around. The island has a vast and rich shrubs and trees.

The top of the island has a very nice view of the entire sea and other islands. Too bad I don't have camera yet that time. I will come back here in the future and take lots of pictures to make up for the lost memory. Very good!

Bato Springs, Quezon Province
My mother likes this place very much and I agree with her. We might have been here three times already. They said that the water here comes from the top of the mountains going down.

The water is very cold and they have landscaped the place for it to look like more a resort. The water is also clean and very cold. The nice waterfalls provides massage to the back and head.

When I last went here, it was refreshing and made summer cold at least for a day. The only thing that I don't like about the resort is the cleanliness of the place. Good!

Sunrise Resort, Tanay, Rizal
An alternate resort we went to just satisfy the word "change". I got here only once and just liked the place. Take note of the word just. Common resort with at least three pools and only one for adults.

There was a slide but just barely a story high. Place looks neat but nothing different from other resorts. Just good.

Bosay Resort, Antipolo, Rizal
A resort with several different stoned statues of different creatures. Three pools and again, only one for adult. I was just a "hitch" (sabit) on this trip with my wife and her team. The experience was good but it has to end abruptly because as per their house rule, videokes are only up until midnight. So we just drank the night away. Good.

Sampaguita Resort, Tanay, Rizal
The first time I went here was a leadership training way back in high school. My and my fellow officers were trained how to be effective leaders among our classmates. The experience was nice. When we got back here, it was our annual summer outing with friends.

We always choose this place because its always a good experience. The pools and cottages are clean and there is a grotto located on top of the hill where you can take pictures. Even if the place looks common, its still the best for me. Very Good.

Loreland Resort, Antipolo, Rizal
I'm not sure how big the resort is, but its very huge. We had the chance to spend our team building here for a night and the experience was very nice. I just got drunk here. So drunk that I fell asleep somewhere and had the place puked at.

I will be unable to forget the place since I left my mark here. Good, big place, perfect for team building activities. Very Good!

Capones Islands
We are suppose to visit the Island of Capones in Zambales but a typhoon prevented us from going there. Huge waves were our obstacles. Its funny that the local there said its still safe to take us to the island.

Thinking of our safety, we rejected the offer and just stayed at one of the cottages there. Still a good trip although we were unable to go to our destination.

La Luz Resort, Laiya, Batangas
This is the nicest resort I had went to. Me and my team went here to experience our early summer outing way back in February 2008. The resort offers the good suites and food every meal and merienda. The sea bed here have sharp rocks enough to slit your flesh so be careful.

The sands are already made pebbles so to make the place different from the others. The cabanas and the beach chairs are neatly arranged. If you're looking to explore the place, it offers several rocks and shores carved with age to give the place more dramatically presented.

I will definitely go back here if there is a chance. I recommend this place to all. Excellent!

So these are the resorts and places I had been in the past. Hopefully, this would give you an idea where you can spend your summer. May it just be a quick getaway or a long vacation, these places are just a few hours away from your location. Just be good in haggling and dealing and you'll get your money's worth.

Enjoy your summer!


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