Pinky Webb

Hottest Anchor Woman

Sorry for this late entry but I have to complete the monthly 9MM Girls. I can't help it. I have to feature Filipina celebrities on this blog since it is one of the articles that provides traffic to 9MMDOTNET.

Every rest days, I can no longer go back to sleep after I accompany my wife to her shuttle service going to work. Even if my sleep is incomplete, its difficult for me to at least snooze a few minutes more before Cielo wakes up.

So its either I compose an entry for my blog or watch the TV. Some morning shows are already starting up and one of the reasons I watch the TV is this female that delivers the morning news. My mornings has never been better if I can catch our 9MM Girl for February. She's none other than...

Pinky Webb
Wikipedia can only tell a few information about her and since I am on a "lazy-mood-on" setup right now, I would rather direct you to that site. But for a quick FYI, she's the daughter of former senator/TV personality Freddie Webb and sister to former basketball cager turned sportscaster Jason Webb and to the controversial convict Hubert Webb.

Whenever Pinky is delivering the news, I can't help but to stare at her magnificent beauty. She has this elegance and charisma that mesmerizes me. Even though I can only see her face, I know that she has the sex appeal to attract men.

She is the type of newscaster that has the alluring delivery of news. I happen to scour the internet for her pictures and only Rogue magazine had the privilege to take her sexy pictures. Edu Manzano had his time with her but I guess he can't handle the hotness and sex appeal of Pinky Webb.

For more information about Pinky Webb, please visit her Pinky Webb News and Exclusively Pinky Webb.

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