Moved Out!

Living With The In-Laws

I apologize to you, my dear readers and followers, for not having this blog updated for the past few weeks. I have been so busy with moving and adopting to my new environment and location.

Me and my wife had decided to move in to her parents house to save some money. With the growing expenses and no extra income to fill in the gaps, we moved out of our rented apartment last March 20.

The decision was not easy for us. The night before our scheduled move out, we were still undecided. We were discussing things that might happen when we are already living with her parents.

But nonetheless, we still agreed to continue the transfer thinking it will be good for our family especially Cielo.

The Move Out
As we packed, we have to let go of the other things that we don't need anymore. We have to sell Mackie Girl first since it was bought ahead. And then the sofa set that we had been longing for some time needed to go also.

The other plastic cabinets, the TV, the printer and other appliances were also disposed through selling. When all was taken out, I can't help thinking that my investments are leaving me.

The packing of the other things are quite a tedious job. When were still there, I thought that our things are few. But when we started packing, we came up with more boxes. My collection of FHM magazines had been kept in a box while the other things are divided into other boxes.

The TV and the printer was bought by my brother. The sofa, the red cabinet and other appliances was sold to people by my mother in law. The other things had been brought to our soon to be house.

The move out has been exhausting. We lived at a second floor apartment and it was tiring to go up and down and having to lift heavy things.

And as soon as the all our things are brought down with the help of some friends and family, we traveled to our destination. We lived in Pasig and we transferred to Paranaque.

So far, I'm still adjusting. The travel to and from work is rather far from our previous address. I need to wake up earlier than before.

The usual ten minute walk is already 15 minutes and I have to suffer the pollution coming from the SLEX and EDSA. I also have to deal with the many different kinds of people crossing the MMDA footbridge whenever I come home.

Goal Setting
Our main reason for this transfer is to save money. I hope this sacrifices and adjustments would result in the financial achievement that we agreed to work on. We have to settle the debts and save up to again start a new life in our own house.

We don't have anyone to help us but us. It will be good to look back on this entry in the future when we get our feet back and towards a better future.

Special thanks to Titser Darwin as the newest follower of my blog. Keep on following my posts.


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