Fourth Month

Cielo's Growing Up

For the past three months, I haven't been able to update you with the growth of my daughter, Cielo. I guess I'm quite busy and these past months are very challenging to us. She just turned four months last April 11 and I'm here, sharing you my experiences with her as she grows. I'm really excited in posting this entry for today.

From my last entry, I shared the experiences I had from her birth up until she turned a month old. From then on, she still had those traits and improved some developments. I also have to develop some other improvements in order to cope up with her growth. And here they are...

From second to fourth month, she jumped from 4kg to 7kg. She already gained so much weight making her lean, if not fat. I, on the other hand, will be developing bigger arms when she gets heavier.

Cielo already recognizes images and movement. She already plays with us and reacts to moving objects. Although I'm not sure if she can see already but she reacts to whatever she sees moving. She's also fond of looking at objects that has the color black, white and red.

I experienced happiness and joy with her by making her laugh. But its not easy to make her laugh. I have to make several efforts to impress her. Sometimes, with all the effort, all I receive is just a smirk.

She has this temper that when she's on it, nothing can stop her from crying. Although it just happen seldom, its a riot to make her calm. What we do is that we anticipate her actions and give her what she wants as fast as possible.

She can now support her head. Cielo can now be carried upright unlike before that I only carry her while she's lying in my arms. She also can roll over with her belly against the mat. She enjoys that position especially when she gets tired of lying on her back.

She can now hear sounds. Cielo likes being talked at and she responds with some unusual sounds that only she can understand. The only problem is that she get startled easily. Some simple noise would wake her up. And if she wakes abruptly, she cries like she had been pinched.

She received some shots of vaccine from our local health center. We prefer having those shots from them because its free. Although they can only offer and give what's available, its still the best option. Cielo wouldn't cry at the first pinch of the needle. But when its done, that's when she cries loud but short and then become calm again.

She had grown her physical features quite fast. I think she measures approximately one and a half feet already from head to toe. She has quite a long body and even legs. She has lean legs and arms with a pair of big cheeks. Some of her hair quite falls out and it is quite normal according to our nanny and her grand moms.

Cielo has this trait that she wants to be talked to every time she's awake. She responds quite lively and give several unusual responses. She smiles, smirks, sighs and wiggles her hands and feet. Her toes curl and her hands wide open whenever I play with her.

She consumes more water than milk lately. I'm not sure if this is good or bad for her but she enjoys it. We also got her a pacifier for her to easily sleep at night.

And many others...
One thing is sure, Cielo gets me excited to come home immediately after work. I enjoy and love to play and take care of her. My wife also feels the same way to her. And Cielo doesn't fail us. She gives us joy and happiness to our life. I will never ever stop loving her and my family.

Pictures will be posted soon.

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