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Another late post... bear with me for I don't have my own computer right now. Care to loan me one? Well, here's another entry. I'm sure you'll like it.

Whenever I am on my rest days, I see to it that I watch my favorite noontime show, "Eat Bulaga". This longest running noontime show is hosted by my favorite trio, Tito, Vic and Joey whom I grew up on. I followed their shows and movies when I was a kid and even if I'm old(?) now, I still see to it that I watch their shows.

If you checked the past entries of 9MMDOTNET, you can read my entry for Vic Sotto. I'm still finding some time to write about Joey De Leon and Tito Sotto. I had to admit that I feel a grudge about writing a tribute to Tito Sen because of suggesting to stop the selling and distribution of albums of Slayer and Eraserheads way back. Luckily the issue died and we're happy listeners of thrash and Pinoy rock again.

Going back to the topic, Eat Bulaga has already honed a number of co-hosts, artists and groups that made it big time in showbiz and popular to the Filipino people. Among them, is a group of young girls that replaced the Sex Bomb Dancers from the show.

The EB Babes. A product of necessity created this group and now they are a household name.

One of them, which I eagerly anticipate every single time I watch Eat Bulaga (in the Pinoy Henyo game to be exact) has this unique smile and beauty. She acts like a stewardess offering food to the hosts.

I'm pretty much sure you know who I'm talking about. So here she is, our 9MM Girl for April...

EB Babe Saida

For those who wants to know more about her, Saida is known as the "fashionista" babe. Sai, as her friends call her, loves to accessorize herself with gold and the most playful among the group. The most visible and popular EB babe since she is seen in the segment "Pinoy Henyo" of Eat Bulaga. She currently serves the food of the hosts in that segment.

My fulfillment in watching Eat Bulaga will never be satisfied without seeing Saida. With her nice smile, chinita eyes and pretty face, she can bring out the manhood in me. I barely notice her hotness because sometimes the camera only focuses on her face.

But I know that when this girl dances and wear a skimpy outfit, she has a bod to make the other ladies run to their cosmetic surgeons for enhancements. I cannot find any sexy pictures of her so I will just share some of the pics I got from the internet.

I hope she can be my stewardess and I'll always taste her food and ask her if its clean. Then she answers back at me with mesmerizing smile... "Its clean, I washed it!". Yum!!!

For more information about EB Babe Saida, please visit her Wikipedia account of the EB Babes and


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