Annual Walk To Antipolo 2011 Experience

Two In a Row

Last Thursday, I walked to Antipolo again from our house in Pasig City alone. It was a promise to myself of doing every Maundy Thursday as a sign of my penance and gratitude to the Lord. It also challenges me to overcome what I think is unconquerable.

If you check out my entry entitled "Lakad", you'll know that I'm on my second year. This year is another accomplishment for me.

My wife wanted to join me and I know her well when it comes to gatherings like these. I warned her about the different people that we will be exchanging sweats with and she aborted the idea. Although I still wish for her to join me in the future.

I left our house early to start the said walk. After logging out from work, I was planning to sip some iced coffee and check some of my favorite sites using Padmei. I was about to get off from the bus that I realized that malls are closed during Maundy Thursday.

I tried to look for some coffee shops that may offer free "WiFi" but I only found a McDonalds chain in Ortigas Center. Since I'm hungry anyway, I ate some fish fillets that they are serving there and sipped some soda.

After a few minutes, while eating my meal, an idea came into my mind. As if an electric light bulb popped up above my head with matching sound "ding". I thought, why not start my walking here in Ortigas and walk to our house. Its 2 PM and the sun is blazing its rays with great might towards the road I'm gonna walk.

There was still a breeze of cool air blowing so I thought the sun won't affect my perseverance to walk. After a few steps down the road and without buildings to cover up the intense heat of the sun, my skin hurt like hell, It was pinching deep and for some odd reason, the wind stopped blowing.

A few more steps and my sweat appeared in droplets. My underarm, began to create bubbles of sweat bursting into thin air. I was eager to continue the walk since I was very determined to do it...

"Whatever happens, I'll be walking to our house!"

But when a jeep passed by and called out its destination... I hurriedly got in. So much for my determination. Hahaha!

Anyway, enough of the funny part. I left our house around 5 PM. I left early so that I can get back early. I still have work the next day and I don't want to compromise my job just for self sacrifice.

As I start walking, I got to see a few walkers (did The Walking Dead just came into your mind?) also. They were also walking to Antipolo for the same reason as I have. Some adults even run and play around enjoying the experience. There were plenty of groups and fraternities that came up with tents offering free drinks.

Since its not my purpose to socialize with my brothers and sisters, I did not salute them. The walk was a breeze since there are still a few of us. I reached Tikling at about an hour and a half walk. I rested and ate some bread and drank an energy drink.

After smoking, I prepared to do the climbing part of the walk. I started the walk and stopping over at every station to pray. The walk was quite hard and I was always catching my breath. I should really stop smoking. My legs was already starting to wear its strength but I still walked.

Upon reaching the top and a few more kilometers I would reach Antipolo Church, the crowd were gathering up. I decided to eat later after I paid homage to the church. As I walk, there a few non-Catholic youths gathered just outside the church.

They have this huge signs worn around their bodies. Signs stating "Sex before marriage will burn you in hell!", "Are you ready to die and be judged?" and "Don't worship false Gods and images!". A speaker using a megaphone shouted,

"Repent! The end is near! Don't do the penetential walk!"

Its their belief that the end is near. As for me, I completely ignored them and just continued my walk towards the church.

After a few prayers, wishes and gratitude, I began walking back. I stopped at the same eatery that I ate last year and ordered "lugaw". I started my walk going home as soon as I finished eating.

The walk back downhill is harder than the walk uphill. There are several obstacles to overcome that slowed me down. There are the people going uphill.

There are so many of them so we, walking downhill are outnumbered. We have to stay at the edge of the street to walk freely. And after three hours, I got home.

I noticed the number of people walking was less compared last year but the walk was well organized that they just kept the participants on one side of the highway, Although there are still some hard headed walkers, most of them followed the ruling.

Congratulations to a job well done for the organizers and volunteers to keep this tradition safe and peaceful.

I'll definitely do this again next year. And I'm going to challenge myself. I'm going to conquer this walk from Quiapo Church to Antipolo Church.


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