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If you read my last entry, Moving Out!, I wrote about the selling of Mackie Girl. I am not suppose to give her up but we have no choice. The house we are transferring to cannot accommodate the space she would be set and of course, we need the money. An individual got interested in buying her and after a few negotiations, she was sold to another owner.

Mackie Girl
An old PowerMac CPU that served as my personal computer. She held my files, connected me to the internet, edited my pictures, wrote my blog entries and other things that a PC would give me. She's a perfect computer that made me happy.

Although she can't offer me the games that I want to play but she gave me a year of full satisfaction. I would prefer to purchase another Mac again when finances permits.

I had an old laptop, a Dell pentium III which I purchased 4 years ago. She was loaned to my mother-in-law for my sister-in-law's use in college studies. When I got the chance to have it back, I bundled Dellilah with Mackie Girl to sell it easier.

I fixed some of her issues like the keyboard and some operating system issues. She had been also a great companion at times when I am out. A very good laptop.

Aside from the two girls that made me happy, there are some accessories that came with them. The sub-woofers, the headset and other things that was included in the selling were also a part of my life. So to the new owner of Mackie Girl and Dellilah, please take good care of my ladies as I had taken care of them.

A New Girl
Since I am a gadget dependent individual, I have to look for a replacement to those who need to leave me. I need a small tablet that would let me connect to the internet through WiFi, read my RSS feeds and eBooks, easily write and update my blog, Twitter and Facebook and other organizational tasks digitally.

I was setting my eyes up on a gadget that are making stories throughout the internet. I researched all about it, checked my favorite trading/selling site, and inquired some sellers about it. And finally, I got what I want. Introducing...

Padmei is a China made 7-inch tablet that runs on Android OS. Its often called an apad, iped or a ipad clone. But don't underestimate this tablet because she suits my every need so far. I have been with Padmei for several weeks but she had been meeting my expectations smoothly. Check out my review about her so far.

Smooth usage and it impresses my with her touchscreen interface. Although not that smooth like the ipod and ipad but nonetheless, good enough for some basic interaction. Pulling up the menu is easy and setting up and customizing the appearance is quite a work but a few minutes of getting familiar, its easy.

There's an onscreen keyboard that's responsive enough but not perfected yet. Sometimes its not easy to get what you want it to do, but I can live with it.

Padmei, in her first days, connects me to the internet through the free WiFi being offered by malls especially SMB (SM Bicutan, since I walked in there whenever I go home). She connects smoothly and with ease.

Can't blame the fastness because it has limited processor. I can also connect using 3G (Smartbro) with the help of some settings. I haven't tested the Bluetooth yet but it might be also good.

Android Apps
When I purchased this tablet, it came with pre-installed applications. I don't know if it came with the Android OS itself or downloaded from the App Market. But the good thing about it is that almost all of the application I need are free.

I can download it anytime whenever I have access the internet. Some of the application I'm using are Astro, greader, Dolphin browser and Evernote.

Padmei is a multimedia tablet. It can contain songs, videos and other files that can be saved on a micro SD card. It also came with an USB/Ethernet adapter that you can use to connect to the internet using Ethernet connection.

Two USB ports for other accessories like the keyboard and mouse and other things you want to connect to it. Its just sad that I cannot use a USB hub to connect them all at the same time.

So far, Padmei has been a perfect companion for me. She provides me connection, knowledge and writing capabilities on the go. I only use her for reading, writing and connectivity purposes.I don't expect it to be like a computer or an Ipad because it has limitations.

For now, she will be my companion until I get a new computer. I am not going to recommend her to others since you might run into trouble with interface and hardware issues. But if you are just like me, using her as reader, internet connection and some writing, then I would refer you the apad.

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Apad IRobot Mid 007
Rating: Very Good

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