Abuse Or Misjudgment

Game Show Nightmare

The controversy of the alleged child abuse in a prime time game show has spread like wildfire over the TV and the internet. It had also stressed out the people involved and had the said show suspended itself quite indefinitely.

Different reactions via the social medias had also been expressed from day one. Some stand by the show and the host and some are against it. In this post, I'm gonna take my stand on the issue raised by several activists and supporters of the child abuse law here in the Philippines. The name has been withheld by the author for personal reasons.

I got the chance to read the law from a law firm site. You can click the link for full information of Republic Act 7610 or The Child Abuse Law.

There are lots of perception about this law. People also have different points of view about the said issue. I was able to watch the incident when it was first aired and shown on its current TV station last March 12.

I was also able to watch the video that was uploaded on a video streaming website. And here are some points that you might want to think about before judging and reacting to the said issue:
I'm gonna be firm that from my point of view, there was no child abuse that happened during the said segment. Although, you can see that the child was crying, it was because he was frightened by the sight of a tall ex-basketball player being huge and all.
He also cried because he was not able to win and move up to the jackpot round. The child was not hurt physically, mentally and emotionally to conclude that there was an abuse.

The dance that was done by the kid was called "Macho Dancing". I say that its an art of dancing. Only those people who think and perceive that the dance are only for men working in gay bars, are the people that make it malicious. Its still a form of expressing oneself just like pole dancing and striptease.
The child did not even shed his clothes off while dancing. Whereas in other children programs and commercials where they expose the butts of an infant and wearing very skimpy outfits are tolerated. If you think that the incident was malicious, then you are the one who is malicious.

The ten thousand pesos that the child received was his reward for his exceptional talent. He deserved it. And I think he also received some extra off the camera. The money was not given to bribe the child to do the dancing over and over again.

The repetition of the said dancing was all the doing of the host. He enjoyed it so much that he had to ask the child to do it again and again. It was the only mistake he did in this incident. Although its still entertaining, it went overboard.

The laughter that came from the audience was because that they were entertained by the child. I admit that I was also entertained and he gave me a good laugh while watching him dance on TV.
The first instance that I saw him dance, I know that he is just showing off his talent. The child was not forced to do it because of the money. There was no mockery or insult of any kind done to the child in my viewpoint.

The video that came out over the internet via the famous video uploading site had already been edited. The one who originally uploaded the said video has already an intent to criticize and humiliate the host.
I'm not sure if its envy or anger but the sole purpose of the video was to mock, insult and criticize the host and the show. It was just his perception that it was a case of child abuse and those people that agreed with him, easily fell into his brainwash.

Since the video is already an edited version and it was shown with the intent to expose the alleged child abuse. The people who watched the said video had already been pre-trained that the said incident is a child abuse case.
And that was inculcated to the minds of the viewers including known personalities and celebrities. So much for my admiration that artists have the broad-mindedness of a galaxy. I guess there are also limits and ignorance is inevitable.

The psychologist that happened to accuse that the host had commit child abuse, happens to be the mother of one of the Presidential Communications Group. Most likely, she took it personal that the host supported a different presidential candidate last election.

The department that handles social welfare also took it as a child abuse case. How come they judged it as it is wherein there are several children out there in the streets that need their attention and support? Children not going to school, hungry and unable to exercise their rights as children.
Maybe they need to fix the larger problem first before attending to a more sensationalized one. I think they are just making themselves more popular for the next election or impress the President that they are doing something other than corrupting taxpayers money.

And lastly, the grudge of the other network where the host came from. They might have seen an opportunity to have their revenge on the said host when he left them and transferred to the other network. Almost all of their programs both TV and radio would come up with a discussion condemning the host and the incident.
Although indirectly being inculcated to the viewers and listeners, it is noticeably and obviously that they take sides. I'm not stupid like what they think of their audience.
With this entry, you might think that I stand by the host. But, to be honest, I don't like the host either. He's the most arrogant person and boastful about his status. He scolds his employees on air and reprimand them on the slightest mistake.

Although his game show provides entertainment to its audience, its still a venue for people to be lazy and hope that game shows will make them rich. But I don't want to judge him since I don't know him personally.

Suggested Resolution
Moving forward, whatever the decision by the TV review board, the justice system or any other agencies involved about the incident, we need a concrete law for the protection of the rights of the children. Observe and apply the law for all. Not only in controversies like this, but even the unseen instances also.

Stand up and look around! There are so many children being abused of their rights and privileges. If they accuse this incident as a child abuse case, then file civil cases to the others as well and prevent children to appear in ads, commercials and TV. That would justify that you don't take sides and you really protect the rights of the children.

To all readers that will happen to land on this page, may you be a supporter or against the host and the incident, I tell you that this is my personal opinion. We live in a democratic country and have the right to express my personal point of view.

I personally condemn child abuse but this is not it. I stand for what I think is right and just.

To end this post, I share you a line from a Metallica song, "Holier Than Thou". Google it out!

"Judge not lest ye be judged yourself!"


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