9MM Year Two

Second And Counting...

Two years had already passed and 9MM-zine (Formerly 9MMDOTNET) is still alive and kicking. Although I'm not that noisy on the internet unlike its first year but still I'm not giving up on keeping you updated with Stone-Cold Angel's life and interests.

I am enjoying being a father to my daughter and being busy in resolving challenges that life throws at me.

"Life can be hard as a dick, so go and f*ck it!"

Anyways, I'm not going to talk about my life here in the third person. I'm here to celebrate the second year existence of 9MM-zine. Although its already late (its suppose to be last month), but I still want to celebrate this achievement. And to greet it...

Happy Second Anniversary, 9MM-zine!!! Wishing it a successful and interesting blogging ahead!!! A zillion thanks to all that visited, read, commented, followed, liked, tweeted, shared, back-linked, cross-linked, copied, plagiarized, spammed and infected this blog.

You know who you are. For without you, this blog would be just a bacterium in universe of the internet. At least 9MMDOTNET is now a fungus.

Also in this entry, I would review the last two years of existence of 9MMDOTNET. I used the Stats tab on Blogger that gave me information on how my blog is doing in the world wide web. Here are my statistics and some trivias of 9MMDOTNET:

As you read this post, this is my 177th entry.

  • 9MMDOTNET still uses the Minima Black template. Although it has lots of revisions and hacks, it is still my preferred template.
  • The first Filipino entry is 9MMDOTNET In Tagalog
  • The very first blogger that commented in my blog is Jem of One Day In My Life. She is also the first female that posted a comment, while Jackie Chong of JC Blog is the first male that made a comment.
  • Adsense, English and Sidebar has the most number of comments here in my blog with 15 comments.
  • It has only 1 reader on my feedburner account.
  • It has 39 likes on its Facebook Fan Page. Mostly from colleagues.
  • It ranks three on Google Page Rank.
  • Joyce Jimenez is the top search keyword to direct you to this site.
  • Gillboard has the most numbers of comments with 44.
  • The all time most visited page here is my entry for Georgina Wilson with 5,666 page views since it was first published.
  • In the all time section, the record is 44,045 page views.
  • Mozilla FireFox is still the most used browser to get to 9MMDOTNET.
  • Google is the number one on search engines that directs traffic to this site. Its also the top referor to 9MMDOTNET.
  • Windows is the most used Operating System to visit my blog. 
Going to its third year, I'm trying to see if there would be any means to improve my writing and my posts. And I would ask you some questions to help me improve this blog.

You can answer the questions at the comment section of this page. I'd like to hear and read your feedback and that's the reason why I'm still writing.

Here are the questions:

  1. Did my blog improved or is it still the same as when you first visited here? 
  2. What topics would you want me to write about and focus more on this blog?
  3. Is the layout boring? 
I'll soon give this blog a new look as soon as I get a decent computer and internet connection. So for now, keep on visiting and supporting 9MMDOTNET. I'm looking forward in meeting all of you in the future.


Credits to the original uploader/s of the picture/s shown on this post.

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