Subic Adventure Experience

A Team Building Escapade

I was anxious to write about our adventure in Subic after I got back from the trip, but the alcohol inside my system tortured my head. Its like feeling a hangover but I know its not. And this was the only time I had the chance to write about it.

A colleague already gained the upper hand in writing about our team building at Cliff Royale Resort in Subic, Olongapo last January 20. After reading it, I was amazed that she was able to interview the owner of the resort as well as to know that they use "solar panels" to run the water system of the resort. You can read the rest of her entry here.

But I have to write my own. Of course, I have to log in those wonderful memories I experienced in that short time there. I will also share the pictures I took there and jot down the happy memories that happened.

The Departure
After finishing a swapped schedule with another colleague, I hurriedly went down the building to wait for my other colleagues to depart for Subic. I lit up a cigarette to ease up the excitement. I was excited obviously with this trip.

I brought Nikole and my new tripod I got from Donna as a gift last Christmas. When the van arrived, I found a seat beside our driver, Raffy. And as soon as my colleagues loaded the van, we immediately left the city.

At a gasoline station at NLEX, we waited for the other van and filled our stomachs with some grub. I ate a "Double Down" at KFC and stuffed it to my belly in just a few minutes. After a few more minutes, we left for our destination, Subic.

It was the first time I got to pass the SCLEX highway, and I saw how the hills have been curved to give way to this highway. A certain sacrifice for Mother Nature to take for the betterment of transportation. Now, there is a faster and more convenient way to take when going north.

The Resort
Around 5 or 6 PM, we arrived at our destination, The Cliff Royale Resort. A seemingly old but spacious resort with some up and downhills. We went straight to our rooms and got our things dropped. With a capacity of 5 to 6 person per room, it was enough to get four for all of us. Nice air conditioning unit that made the rooms very cool and a nice toilet with hot and cold shower.

After dinner, we settled ourselves at the gazebo where a videoke machine was located with beers and some plates of finger foods. The videoke was a good deal since we got it free all night.

So we sang all night and enjoyed the night away. Forgetting all the stress and troubles we got from work and from the city, I know this was a good time to enjoy. We drank and slept around 4 or 5 in the morning.

During those times, I found out something that made me feel stupid. Something that I had been denying had been true. But everything had been worked out. Things had been talked about and everything was cleared out before we slept.

The Beach
When I woke up it was already 9 AM. After breakfast, I hurriedly, walked with Nikole and took several pictures of the resort. I walked up to the beach where I saw the conditions of the pathway and other facilities of the resort.

Although its not properly maintained, its still has this ambiance close to nature. The chairs and tables are made up of strong woods maybe from narra or molave. There are several kubo lining up the pathway going to the beach.

As soon as I reached the beach, I took several pictures of the sea and the nature around it. It was a nice experience going back to nature. The water is clear and nice to swim at and the waves are quiet.

The rocks has been carved by time and waves of water. Although it was vandalized by some locals with "bawal tomae dito" and "bawal umehe dito", it still nice to look at. The sand, although not white, are still fine and etches your foot print nicely. The trees and plants are definitely been old and been hanging around the cliff for ages.

I also took a dip in the nice swimming pool with amazing small water shoots coming out from the Jacuzzi and to the main pool. I refreshed myself with the water and I swam a few laps. After that, I took a shower and ate our lunch.

We immediately went home after fixing our things. The return to the busy city is a long trip since we enjoyed our stay at The Cliff Royale Resort. Even though some of the facilities are old and mismanaged, it is a good resort so far that I went to on the northern part of the Philippines.

Nice Swimming Pool
Good and spacious air-conditioned rooms
Nice facilities and solar powered water facility
Good Ambiance
Courteous owner and employees


Mismanaged facilities like the pathway, garden and multi-purpose hall
Up and down roads
Stray dog (which I had lost a standoff with)
The Cliff Royale Resort
Subic, Olongapo City, Philippines
Rating: Very Good

Nikole's pictures can be seen at my Multiply site.


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