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The Hazards Of Motorcycles

I love motorcycles. I want to have one and will want to ride it to go to different places. I especially liked the Harley Davidson Motorcycles which priced at about almost the price of a luxury car. Those throttle that makes car alarms go crazy and the sleek body design makes it worth its price.

Of course, I'll be riding my motorcycle defensively. Aside from the 'Hummer', motorcycles are my favorite modes of transportation.

My entry for today is the abuse of people on motorcycles. Whenever I commute, I don't fail to see riders wearing no helmets. Helmets is one way to protect riders from accidents. Aside from other body gears like elbow pad, knee pad and body suit, riders should know how to be defensive when they ride motorcycles.

Lots of lives had already been saved by wearing helmets. Those being sold at the malls and tiangge are sub standards which might not be durable enough to save your life. I would suggest buying helmets that are manufactured and sold by decent dealers and not just by somebody whose concern primarily is your money, not your life.

Another point that I want to raise is whenever a rider thinks that his motorcycle is a car. Those riding in tandem or even in triple or quadruple. Sometimes there are children which is either sandwiched between adults or just behind the steering bar.

When are these riders gonna learn that motorcycles are built for one person only. Whenever I see a rider riding together with his wife and children riding a single 125 cc motorcycle, I just wish they won't get in an accident.

Also these motorcycles are fast becoming getaway vehicles by hired killers, snatchers and holdup-ers. There should be a law to prevent these vehicles being used by these criminal elements.

Almost everyday, I always hear and watch accidents coming from motorcycles. May it be from speeding, driving under the influence or just being stupid, lives and limbs are lost. So for the good of all humanity and Filipinos using motorcycles, here are some personal suggestions to make riding motorcycles safe:

  • Be sure you ride the best protection for your safety. Wear helmets and other protective suits to keep you safe to and from you destination.
  • Make sure your are the only one riding your motorcycle. At least, if you get into an accident, your stupidity will haunt you alone.
  • If ever you would need to ride with another person, make sure you provide that person a helmet.
  • Stay away from major highways and roads where large trucks and buses might trip you off and may take away your life.

I will be buying my motorcycle after I convince my wife that its safe to ride it. But for now, to my fellow riders, keep safe and ride defensively.


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