Edsa Revolution 25 Years Later

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Way back in February of 1986. Our classes were suspended because of the Snap Elections that happened between Corazon Aquino and the reigning president for 21 years, Ferdinand Marcos.

I was in my elementary years and in Grade 4 to be exact. I was not really interested in what was going on. I was just concerned on how happy I was because classes were suspended and I got to play with my friends. At that moment, I asked my parents who will they vote for and they simply said, "Cory".

After the elections, it was beginning to get tense. There was the "Walk Out" of Namfrel officials to boycott the counting which favors Marcos. People starting to crowd EDSA to protest the large lead of the president.

Juan Ponce Enrile and Fidel V. Ramos turned their allegiance away and supported Cory. The church led by Cardinal Sin also turned their backs from the Marcoses while Cory hid in a convent in Cebu.

And to shorten this entry, The people of the Philippines regained its democracy from dictatorship. Our people had freedom once again. As a child, I just know that freedom is just a word and means no more curfews. As I grew up, more and more I learned that our lives would have been much better if Marcos had stayed in power.

After 25 years, democracy and freedom meant extreme poverty, toothless laws and constitution loopholes, unequal justice system, welfare and equality to all and many others that we suffer a lot more than the 21 years of dictatorship.

In 25 years, we could have been more developed country than any other Asian country since we had the most precious gift from God. We had overcome a tyrant and proud to have had a bloodless revolution but did not pursue the greatness of the gift given to us. Look at South Korea and Vietnam, they were once at the bottom but look at their country now, way ahead from the Philippines.

A couple of people power revolutions already came after 1986. Several Presidents had already led the country. A number of transitions of government had already been done. But still a simple Filipino, like me, is still asking.

Why is the Philippines still in a third world list? Where did our hard earned taxes went? Is there still hope for the Philippines to be a first world country?

For the next six years, I think we'll still be in the third world or what they call "developing country". With the present Aquino administration, I don't think we're gonna move an inch up. With all the traditional politicians, incompetent public officials, overrated journalism and corrupt government, I'm afraid we're gonna be stuck were we left 25 years ago for the next six years.

Dictatorship or Democracy
Several people are quite downbeat about the celebration today and I am one of them. Yes, I celebrate the freedom we got 25 years ago but our lives might have been much better if Marcos stayed in power. We might have been a leading Asian country and could be one of the world's best.

To all those people that supports and celebrates the 25th People Power Anniversary, especially the Aquino, Enrile, FVR and others, be thankful that Marcos was still patriotic and could not stand that the Filipino people are fighting amongst themselves.

He'd rather step down from his position and prevent the imminent civil war. If it wasn't for Marcos's conscience, all those 2 million people at Edsa trying to oust him will come up dead.

I'm not a Marcos loyalist but I know now what is the difference of his leadership from the five presidents that came after him. It would be much better if we credit the things Marcos had done for our country rather than looking at his wrongful acts and the Martial Law. It was not him that made this country freedom-less, it was us because most likely our so-called leaders can't stand the thought of following rules.

Maybe Filipinos are just too hardheaded and don't want to be living with rules since we've been colonized by several countries way back. There's nothing wrong with freedom but we need to use it wisely and in unison in order for our country to go forward and be one of the world leaders.

So if former Department of Defense Secretary and former Chief of Staff Angelo Reyes deserve to be buried at the Libingan Ng Mga Bayani, why not Marcos? He has much right to be buried there than anybody else.


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