Tenets of Stone-Cold Angel

The Creed

On this post, I'm gonna be stating and sharing my beliefs in life that I hold dear. It took at least three decades of my life for me to work on these principles in order to have a good and meaningful life.

May it be emotional, spiritual or physical aspects of my life, these things helped mold my inner being and applied it to any situations that life throw at me. I also pertain to this mindset on some decisions to make in life.

Whether it goes good or bad, these set of rules guides me as a human being to achieve my goals and have a relevant life.

Worship, glorify and praise GOD. Because without Him, I am nothing.

Be proud of my homeland, the Philippines. In spite of all her imperfections, the hypocrite church, the corrupt government and the conditions of its people, still adore and cherish her in any way possible. Always stand up and put my right hand to my left chest and sing with full voice our national hymn "Lupang Hinirang" whenever and wherever it is being played. Support her children and her endeavors competing against the other nations and protect her from all things that would harm and insult her.

Respect and love my family with all my heart. Spend time and cherish every moment possible with them. As much as possible, DO NOT cheat, betray or hate them. Take care of them as well as taking care of myself for them.

Friends comes and goes. Be friendly enough to have as many as possible but stick to the closest ones because they were with me through my best and worst times. So be kind enough to return the favor when they need it.

Do the "Golden Rule". What goes around, comes around. Always believe in karma.

If there is a will and interest, definitely and absolutely there is at least a single way to achieve any chosen endeavor.

Live and let live. Of race, color, religious beliefs, political views, gender, group, social status or whatsoever, never ever discriminate.

Be satisfied with what I have. I'm thankful that I already have what I need in life and then some extra bonus. Don't be too greedy.

Do not harm anything and anyone. Harm only in self defense or to protect self or family from anyone and anything that will harm us.

Do not resent or hide my anger and hate to anyone and anything. There is so much beauty and happiness in this world in order to cast away the hatred felt within.

Decisions and choices are made everyday both consciously and unconsciously. I, and I alone take the full responsibility of the consequences of my actions, deeds and words. Never blame it to anyone or anything.

Miscommunication is the primary root of all arguments. In any circumstance, I will need to make sure that I imply the message clearly and comprehended. May it be written on a paper, through the use of electronic devices (email, cellphone etc.) or through mouth, it is necessary that I understood it and I was understood correctly.

Keep It Simple, Stupid! Make sure that I make my life as simple as possible. Avoid complications, snags, complexity and other intricacy that would make my life harder to live.

Never ever stop being curious. Inform and learn about everything and anything for with knowledge, there is power(Ernie Baron?). Always ask questions.

I believe in the balance and wheel of life. Sometimes I am on the top and sometimes I get skids at the bottom. In times of darkness, there is always hope and prayers. Do not make any split decisions that would make me regret it for the rest of my life.

Do not ever believe anything that I see, hear and read about anything and everything. Read between the lines. Try to separate the facts and anything that contributes to it and decide which to believe. Gullibility is a mortal sin.

In relationships, it is my discipline to think first before emotions gets in the way. That is why the brain has been put above the heart(unless your heart is located at your temple).
If I do happen to acquire a new one, I'll update this page or maybe continue it on another entry. For now this are all of them. I can't classify them up into groups so its up to you where and how you will apply it for your own. Go ahead, its free to take anything on the list.


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