First Month

... and Counting

Today's entry will be just an update about my daughter, Cielo. For almost a month, I haven't witnessed her growth everyday since she was born. I was unable to experience a month of feeding, carrying and taking care of my little daughter.

Why, you ask? We need to have another person to take care of them while I'm at work. My wife was still weak and ailing her pregnancy wounds when I got back to work. So we decided to be apart for a month.

They stayed at my in-laws and I get to live alone at our apartment on working days. A little sacrifice that we need to do for my family's own good.

On my days off from work, I spend it with my wife and my sweetheart (my term of endearment for Cielo). I get to experience taking care of them especially my daughter. God knows how excited I am whenever I'm done with my shift on the last day of work.

I'll be with my family and I get to see and hug and kiss my sweetheart. And for a month, I learned new things. New experiences. Excellent experiences.

Aside from greeting my daughter "happy first month", I'll be listing down the things I learned and experienced being a father to her. So here goes...

Cielo cries a good loud cry whenever she is hungry, irritated by her wet diaper or just getting our attention. She starts with three short ones and then a long loud cry. Even the neighbor can hear her cry.

Even how sleepy and dozy we are, we need to get up and nurse our daughter when she cries. Taking turns are very useful for us on these situations.

A baby needs a good sunlight at around 7 up to 8 in the morning. So we have to get up that early and get Cielo out and have her bathe in sunlight. I think she gets vitamin D from the sun.

She consumes around 6-8 two-ounce bottle of S-26 formulated milk everyday. And since we just have a few feeding bottles, we need to wash and boil the bottles every evening before going to sleep.

We also came up with making a 3-ounce milk before we go to sleep to at least cover up the evening when she gets hungry. I'm not sure if this a good strategy but I hope it is right and does not compromise her health.

It is also necessary to give her a burp after feeding. Or at least get her upright to let gas out. If I don't to this, she throws up milk and her sleep is interrupted.

Cielo also consumes a good ten diapers a day. That is if she's not going to take a crap twice and three times a day. So we decided to get a cheap disposable diaper for her to use during the day.

When she's already done pooping, we put "lampin" before the diaper to save up on diaper. We only use Pampers at night for its best absorption asset.

My mother in law has this expertise in baby handling. She can get Cielo in any carrying position possible. I was able to learn two carrying positions and how to pick our daughter up.

It is very important to support her head and her lower back in carrying a baby. At first, it is very hard for me to pick Cielo up and carry her but now I'm quite comfortable.

Cielo started to take vitamins already. She gained a few pounds since the first week of her life. She feeds quite often already and her arms and legs are getting lean. But hell, her poop stinks!

Mittens are essential since her nails are still too small but long and sharp. She might hurt herself whenever she sways her arms unknowingly. Booties are also good protection for cold and the shirt needs to be cool and easy to put on. I have a hard time tying those laces when she's awake.

A new born baby sleeps almost all the time. So if there will be nothing to do, we need to sleep with her. We need to get as much sleep as we can to make up for those sleepless nights.

Cielo likes to be carried every time and my wife already complains about it. She's having a hard time putting our daughter to sleep without carrying her. Cielo wakes up whenever my wife puts her in her bed. We need to think of a way how to resolve that issue.

Her belly button is almost ok now. About 90% healed. We had cleaned it with alcohol since day one. We also put "bigkis" around her tummy to prevent her cut umbilical cord to throw up.

Cielo loves to take a bath. Especially when she is splashed with a small amount of water on her temple. I learned to be careful not to have water go in to her ear-hole.

I also learned how to clean her vagina and anus properly. Though my wife is much better on doing these, I need to learn it.

I love taking care of Cielo and how to be a father. There are still things I don't know but I'm open to learn them. So until our next update. Thanks for reading!

P.S. I'm so sorry that I haven't been able to post my comments on the entries of my blogger friends. I don't have internet connection and the office blocked the commenting page of blogger. Though I see to it that I read every new post you have. I just can't comment. Sorry again.


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