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I had a chance to visit my favorite "Manong Dibidi" last week. And luckily, he has something I wanted to watch before going to sleep. I thoroughly flipped his collection of DVDs and came up with a rare collection. I hurriedly paid for it and went straight home.

I know this sounds that I'm patronizing piracy but they are the only shops where I can find hard to find titles. Like this film that I am going to pay tribute to. 

Its hard to find this kind of movie. I have already watched this movie a long time ago and this is just the time that I got the main gist of the film.

By the way, before we begin, I purchased a collection of some of the movies of Edward Norton. And for my entry today, I'm going to pay tribute to one of his greatest performance aside from "The Fight Club". I'm talking about...

American History X

Starring Edward Norton and Edward Furlong. A story of a convicted white supremacist. He learned, while serving his incarceration, that what he is fighting for did not make his life any better.

This movie is included in my all time favorite movie of all time together with all those movies I pay tribute to on this site. It talks about the racism that happens in the four of the corners of the world. May it be color racism or social status racism, it affects all of us in one way or the other.

In Derek's(Norton) character, he was able to influence a group of people to believe in the white supremacy teachings of Adolf Hitler. That no color is above white.

But after being betrayed by his own group of people while in prison, the only thing that can save his ass was his African-American partner Lamont(Guy Torry)in jail. He realized that all the things he was fighting for was complete stupidity.

His brother Danny(Furlong) however, followed his footsteps and gained his(Derek) popularity. Youth has its rebellious stage. And that is where Danny was while his older brother was incarcerated.

A problem student, loner and skinhead. After learning what happened to his brother in his jail time, he was a changed man already but not knowing that his life is about to end at the hands of an African-American student.

What goes around, comes around. Norton and Furlong had delivered their characters well enough here. The screenplay going present and then back in the past then back again was excellently given justice by the cinematographer.

Director Tony Kaye was even better in giving this film an even better justice. No film had tackled the issue of racism this good that I'm going to recommend this to all of you. A movie you need to see before the end of your days.

For more information about American History X, visit their Wikipedia and their official movie site.

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