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Stone Cold

Year 2011 will be an exciting year for me. I have several plans to challenge myself and get inspired. I have my little angel with me to inspire myself to do more for her future and improve my inner self.

I'm not getting any younger so I need to plan ahead for our future. I know its gonna be a hard and bumpy road ahead but I think I'm ready for the challenge.

In this post, I will be sharing my plans for 2011. May it be a long term or just a short term thing, its gonna be exciting. Also in this post, I have the intention to inspire you at least.

And I hope you'll learn something from this entry. So here goes...

Manage it wisely. Cielo is now with us and we need to support her with her needs. In her first years, the expenses for her will be milk, diapers and babysitter. Me and my wife needs to budget our income wisely. In the past years, we failed to do so but from now on, we should be spending money for needs and not with our wants.

Also in this category, we will be saving up for our kid's educational plans in the future. I'll be stricter and tighten the budget belt if necessary. Some on the list of greater importance include christening of Cielo, birthdays, purchasing an air-conditioning unit and other settlement of financial obligations.

For this year, me and my wife plans to go to Coron or Baguio. Just a short trip for us to refresh our relationship and bond. We've been neglecting these kinds of trips in the past years so to make up for those years, we plan to go out of town at least once or twice a year.

There will also be some out of town team buildings that we may be invited and may come, but we prefer to travel together. Just the two of us. Cielo can't come with us yet since she's still a baby but maybe she can join us when she's a little older.

Maybe this year, me and my wife can try to watch local movies together. Eat at some fancy restaurant and spend some other entertainment where all three of us will enjoy.

As for my music, I'll try to download some of those for the meantime.

For gimmicks, we can try to go to some of these but not all the time. Maybe over an occasion. As long as there will be minimum expenses and there is money to spend, why not?

I'll be delving into my hobbies this year. I'm planning to have a "Photo A Day" entries as part of my training for photography. It will be soon shown here in my blog. An upgrade to DSLR camera can be a reality also for 2011.

I also plan to create my own blog-site. And with this, I hope Google AdSense and Infolinks will be noticing me and approve my request for ads.

In line with this, I will be working with Mackie Girl and upgrade her for much better production. First the SATA controller, then the processor and last will be the video card.

I am planning also to purchase a PAD for my quick access to my pictures when I'm outside. With a little finance management, all will be a smooth sailing in this category.

Im also planning a revamp of my blog soon. Changes include, regular updates, fresh articles and featuring people in the blogging world.

I'm gonna make my relationship with God up to another level. I'll be more conscious with my thoughts, words and deeds. I'll be working towards in serving Him in a way that I can show Him my gratitude and praise.

Maybe helping a needy person on any way that I can or serve the Lord will be possible means for me. Not sure though if time will permit. But I'll make sure that I will be doing Alay-Lakad again and attend mass every Sunday.

This year, I'll have to work even harder and more happy. If not promoted, I'll be needing to be transferred to another project where I will not receive calls again. Its been almost 6 years that I am on the phone and answering customer calls. I am not complaining about the job, but I don't want to be stuck with this job forever.

I am also going to seek other ways of income through the internet. Some data entry or researching things might cover up some of our expenses.

Last year, I failed on this category especially the part where I need to quit smoking. If I can't quit smoking that easy, I will limit it to five sticks a day. And then gradually stop it. I hope this works.

Limit if not stop drinking alcoholic beverages including some other drinks like soda, coffee and tea. Water will be the only liquid that I will intake.

Another one will be improving my physical feature. I'll be doing more exercises and will be going to the gym often. Eat the right foods and go on a diet if necessary. Fixing my teeth would be also a priority in the list.

As for my inner self, I'll be less complaining about everything. I'll be focusing on what I need and want. I'll work even harder and smarter to achieve my goals for 2011. Love and make my family happy.

As for my relationship with my wife, just be steady with it and do surprise her every now and then with little nothings.

Having our own house, having a car for taxi business and having a business of my own are my goals before I reach 40. A decent schooling for Cielo and also for her future brother (we're planning to have a second child preferably male after 5 years).

So for these proclamations, I'm going to share you my sworn creed. Here goes...

I, Stone-Cold Angel, swear before you, my readers and followers, that I'll be doing my best to accomplish and complete these statement of plans for 2011 and for the next years. I also swear that I'll keep an update for you to grade me in this feat that I'm going to share and accomplish with all of you.

May the gracious and merciful Lord guide and help us to complete these plans for our good and the betterment of humanity. So help me GOD.

Special thanks to Joanne as my newest follower. Keep on coming back. Thanks again!


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