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Twelve Eleven Ten

2:00PM Saturday, December 11, 2010
Last December 11, after I got off from work, I checked my cellphone and I saw one missed call. My wife was trying to call me around 1:45 PM. Since cellphones are not allowed on the production floor, I missed her call.

While walking towards EDSA where I get the bus to go home, I returned my wife's call. When I reached her, she told me its time. She's on her way to the clinic to give birth. She asked for the company of my mother and a friend who drove them to the said clinic. I hurriedly took a bus (since taxis are nowhere to be found) and went straight to the said clinic.

I received a call from my sister-in-law that she wants to go with me to the clinic and accompany her laboring sister. I set a meeting place and we both agreed to meet there. After a few minutes, we met and we hurriedly rode a jeep going to the clinic.

Still a taxi is nowhere to be found for ease of transportation. My heart beats a little faster in anticipation.

We got off at Greenpark Village in Pasig where the clinic is located. The usual 15-minute transport got a little longer because of a moderate traffic in the area. Its a Saturday and no number coding is in effect. We took another ride and this time its from a tricycle. We reached the clinic around 3:20 PM. My heart beats faster now.

We met our mother waiting outside the clinic. She told us that my wife is already inside the operating room 10 minutes ago. I lit up a cigarette to ease up my excitement. At last I'm going to be a father. The long wait is over. I'm going to see our little angel. Our own flesh and blood.

I almost finished three cigarettes while munching some crackers. After disposing the cigarette butt, I went inside the waiting room. I asked my mother for any news and then I heard... small cries

and then another cry... this time much louder.

My sister in law agreed that she heard it also. It was my baby. Cielo came out at around 3:40PM. I was struck with pleasure. At last she came out. We waited for an hour or so for the OB GYNE to finish her operation.

Then at last the nurse assistant went out with my wife lying on a wheeled stretcher (? ...or whatever it is called). She was so exhausted that she can barely open her eyes. I helped the nurse in transferring her to another bed wherein she can rest for the night. After a few moments the nurse came back this time she carries my child...

A small girl wrapped in cloth. Closed eyes and innocently sleeping. A beautiful angel that came into the world. What a joyous experience. My heart jumped with joy upon laying my eyes on her. I was so afraid in carrying her because it looks so fragile.

So I let my sister in law carry her for the first time. I was already contented looking at her with delight. I cannot explain my happiness through the words I wrote here. I took her first pictures of life...

After a few hours my parents in law came to visit us and gave their blessing on our new born. When my wife woke up, she was already hungry so we ordered some food and asked it to be delivered at the clinic. We ate heartily and I hurriedly ran some errands to buy what Cielo needs like premie nipples, napkins, diapers, milk and distilled water.

7:30AM Sunday
We were already planning our discharge from the hospital so that we can go home later that afternoon. So I prepared the money to pay our bill. Since its a normal delivery, it did not hurt our pockets. I paid 10,200 pesos for the delivery, room rate, medicines and the milk we used to feed Cielo for the first time. After settling the bill, we all went home.

Present Day
This experience will be fun. Since I took my paternity leave, I was off from work for eleven days. I took care of my girls (my wife and Cielo) myself. I'll tell you our stories on my next post. For now, let's all welcome my daughter, Marithe Calleigh or simply Cielo to this world. I would wish her good health and wisdom as she grows with us.

Care to be her godparents, anyone? Just kidding.


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