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For this year's Christmas celebration, I was unable to experience the Noche Buena Feast because I have to go to work the next morning. I just slept the event through the night after attending a mass.

I greeted my friends and family a "Merry Christmas" and had a little exchange of stories and laughter. And after a few minutes I went inside our house and slept.

Both my wife and daughter are not with me that evening. They went to my in-law's house to spend the holidays there. Since I got work in the morning, we decided to spend the holidays apart.

When I was lying on our bed, something came in to my mind that got me thinking a bit. In my recollection, my Christmas celebration in my childhood days were very exciting and literally merry.

I realized that I missed those days. So I decided to write about it. In this entry, I'm gonna share you the episodes in my past that made my Christmas in high spirits.
  • Days before Christmas, our parents get to buy us some new clothes.
  • Me and my friends would make drums made from old milk cans and rattlers made from pressed bottle crowns for our caroling.
  • I'm not sure why we always start our caroling with the song "Sa May Bahay..." Even today, kids always start their song with the same old song.
  • We were almost hit by stones when we did not accept the rudeness of an old lady. Actually we sang her "Thank you, thank you, ang babarat ninyo, thank you!" after refusing to spare us some change. The old lady got mad with that.
  • On Christmas eve, we get to have more money than the past nights of caroling. They said that its bad not to give to the carolers. So we end up with lots of money.
  • I once completed the Simbang Gabi when I was in my teen years. That was because I was courting a young lady. Unfortunately, I got busted because she said I was too fast.
  • I get some advance "aginaldo" from my godparents. But slowly, they fade away as you grow up. They stopped giving me gifts after grade 6.
  • My family will eat together just a few minutes after midnight every year. We will be sharing some pancit, fried chicken, coke and buko salad made by my mother.
  • My parents did not pretend that there was a Santa Claus to give us gifts on Christmas eve. So I never believed in him. Ever.
  • On Christmas day, my family and I go to church early to thank God.
  • After the mass, me and my friends go straight to our neighbors and ask for "aginaldo". We would spend the whole day and go to different houses for that monetary gift.
  • Almost every Christmas day, every year, we have some visitors at home. May it be a relative or a family friend. Their purpose is to ask for some gifts from my parents.
  • When the day ends, we get plenty of money to buy us what we want. We have the freedom to buy us great toys like GI Joe, Matchbox or we spend it at Fiesta Carnival or go to the movies. Sometimes, it gets corrupted by my mother.
  • Some "aginaldo" from our godparents were late and I surprisingly recieve it after Christmas.
  • My tito gives us the biggest "aginaldo" on New Year's day. We get to have a reunion with my mother's side of the family every New Year and he also happens to be my godfather too. So I get higher amount than my cousins.

In the past years, I realized that Christmas is really for the kids. Because they are the only ones that would be happy this season. We, adults, on the other hand gets to shell out our money to give gifts to them. 

But even though our pockets get emptied out, we made those children happy. May it be your godchildren or just some kid that hands out an envelope asking for some spare coins, still, on our own little way, we made them experience the true meaning of Christmas.

As for me, I got my gift in advance. My Cielo and a loving wife who understands and love me. A family that still gives support to me even though I haven't extended my assistance to them on those hard times.

Friends that are always there for me whenever I fall down. To all of you who read and follow my blog which inspires me to write better. And a loving and forgiving God that never rejected me. I offer my thanks to all of you for being a part of my life.

I hope greeting you a "Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!" would at least compensate my gratitude.

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