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Another late post. What's new? Again I thank you all my readers and subscribers that continually support and read this blog. Even though I know there are only a few of you that are really into my writings.

I'm also going to apologize that I was unable to update my posts. You know the reason why if you are following my posts. Just to let you know that my first child will be soon welcomed to this world.

Its gonna be anytime this December so this month's going to be a fabulous month. I'm gonna apologize also to my followers and those blogs that I follow. Although I'm unable to comment to your post entries, I'm still religiously read your posts.

Now, for my entry today, I'm going to share with you another beautiful and sultry Filipina under my prying eyes. I'm sure you all heard and watched her all over the internet and from print materials.

Her shocking performance on a video scandal and her silence regarding the issue made her famous than any celebrities trying to make it in show business. And right now, I'm sure you already know who I'm talking about. She is none other than...

Maricar Reyes

Born as a Sagittarian, Maricar was brought to this world by Emilio and Ceferina Reyes. Not much has been told about her toddler and teen years but she went Ateneo De Manila University to earn her degree in Biology. After that she went to University Of Santo Tomas to finish up her medicine degree.

Her break in show business came right after doing endorsment for Ponds. Maricar was discovered by Star Magic's Johnny Manahan and asked to do acting workshops. Her first TV show was the John Lloyd Cruz - Bea Alonzo starrer "I Love Betty La Fea" which she played as John Lloyd's first love. Several projects soon came to her that added up to her resume' including movies "And I Love You So" and "Miss You Like Crazy" and TV series like "Lovers In Paris", "Kung Tayo'y Magkakalayo" and "Imortal".

Before all of this came to her, she was the center of controversy because of a leaked sex video scandal together with Hayden Kho. But she kept silent about the issue and that scandal even promoted her as one of the leading actresses on Philippine TV. Maricar still practices her medicine career when she's not taping and loves to go to the gym regularly.

I was already perceiving Maricar Reyes over print ads and TV commercials before her video scandal sprung like wildfire in a forest over the internet. The greatest performance of her life was witnessed by millions of perverts and voyeurs all over the country, including myself.

I personally admit that I can't even take my eyes off from the video when Hayden Kho was humping up and down against her nice and petite naked body. But I got to tell you this, after this scandalous video, her acting performance went up another level.

Her shows as well as special performances from TV and movies proved to millions that she is not another damsel who got nothing but a pretty face and a scandal to back it up. Her cute face and nice and dainty body and smooth complexion makes her a girl that we men want to spend the rest of our lives.

Too bad her fiance' left her after the scandal broke out. Maricar Reyes is still up for grabs and her video proves that she's the best there is in the bedroom.


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