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After work, my wife sent me a message through Hermione (My SE P990i). In the text, she said that she was unable to cook for us since she has done some chores in the house. She told me to buy food for us to share later when I get home. She told me what she wants and I responded to her text that I'm on my way.

I passed by the mall and went in line at a KFC outlet in the Food Court. I noticed that there are a number of patrons that were lining up in front of the cashier. When my turn came, I ordered two pieces of Original Recipe chicken and one order of Hotshots (... If this is the right term.).

Then I remembered that I have been craving for KFC's latest product. I'm already hearing so much about this product so I have to try it myself. Almost always, this product seem to be popular and been sold out every time I try to order it.

I asked the cashier, "Do you have Double Down available?"
"Yes sir!" The cashier excitingly said. "But you have to wait for five minutes for it to be prepared. Is that OK?"

My heart pounded with exhilaration. At last, I'm gonna be able to taste and devour KFC's Double Down. I paid the amount due and waited for my orders. As soon as I received my food, I went straight home to savor the taste of it.

By the way, Double Down is KFC's new product. It was introduced to the market a month ago and it got a lot of praises. Bacon strips with cheese and mayonnaise are sandwiched between two Original Recipe chicken fillet.

Back to my story. I immediately opened the wraps and prepared the table for some munching business. We first ate some rice along with the chicken that I bought. We also got some leftovers included in our meal.

I finished my rice in about 5 minutes. Then without further to eat, I ingest the Double Down. The first bite was big. Savoring the taste and biting it as big as I can, it was done in a flash.

Verdict. This mouth watering food cannot be judged by a single experience. With this experience alone, I can tell that this product will come a long way. The Original Recipe chicken fillet was the only thing I tasted. Maybe because this is its secret. The bacon, cheese and mayonnaise was no where to be tasted.

Its also quite pricey for a hundred pesos without a drink or what they call "ala carte". Talking about the health attributes, this one's not good for those people that has heart related problems and those with high blood pressure. 

All in all, KFC's Double Down will be my favorite product of the said fast food chain. I'm going to try it again soon. Maybe my hunger got my taste buds numb.

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KFC Double Down
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