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I was suppose to feature a different girl here for December but a men's magazine got first in making her their cover girl. Nonetheless, I need to come up with another girl to fill in the vacant spot. I had a hard time deciding on which girl I will feature.

I turned Mackie Girl upside down to look for an inspiration but still I can't decide. And then I made up my mind and got online. A local showbiz portal got my attention. A hot celebrity went to bare her body and posed for their calendar promotion.

Career change?! Perhaps. Since I also have a crush on this girl, I decided to make her my 9MM Girl for December. Here she is...

Iya Villania. Born as a Fil-Australian from Ray and Elena Villania. She was born as their third child and Iya found her love for singing at an early age since her father likes to sing using a karaoke.

She started her career in showbiz as a game show host at IBC-13 then her big break came when she was offered to do VJ chores on MYX. She later did some shows on ABS-CBN that made her career more booming. Iya starred on several shows like "ASAP", "Lastikman" and "Us Girls".

She also did some movies like "Shake, Rattle and Roll XI", "Pamihiin" and "When I Met U" among others. Currently, Iya remains to be a VJ at MYX music channel as well as one of the host of ASAP XV.

I was surprised with her decision on posing for a brandy calendar promotion. I mean I already consider Iya very sexy even if she won't bare her beautiful body over a printed poster with dates.

Her intellect and smile already dazzle me and I think most of you would agree. Add her tantalizing eyes and nice round legs would make Iya even hotter. I personally admired her in her stint with MYX and her hosting chores she does on some shows.

From my observation, her career is not leveling up. She's still in the sidelines, waiting their chance to come up big in the world of Philippine showbiz. Iya's acting skills is not bad and she already made a name for herself in doing VJ and hosting drudgery.

But still she is still being neglected. Her decision... to bare some skin to get some wooing. I'm not complaining about her jumping over her decision. I enjoyed it so much. At least she got to flaunt her body to us men. Drew Arellano is one lucky dude.

For more information about Iya VIllania, visit her Wikipedia account and her official website,


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