Cielo Is Coming

December Baby

This is already a very late post entry. I am very, very busy and very excited for the coming of our baby.

Last month, I had the chance to meet our OB-GYNE for the first time. For the past months that my wife was pregnant, I didn't have the chance to meet our doctor because of conflict of schedules.

My wife always gets the weekends off and I get to have Wednesdays and Thursdays. My mother always accompanies her for her regular checkup. Since I got my schedule swapped with a colleague, I got the chance to accompany my wife to our doctor.

I was expecting an old lady but what I met was not that old. The short, gray haired doctor extended her wrinkled hand to me as my wife introduced me to her. Her name is Dra. Ermita. She holds her small clinic in one of the villages in Pasig.

After the introduction, she started examining my wife as I sat on the provided chair. She checked my wife's belly and after a few minutes of examination, the doctor grabbed her pen and wrote down some things on her papers. She also scheduled my wife for her next laboratory examination.

We left her at her room and went directly at the reception to purchase some of vitamins and medicine my wife needs to sustain the life of our unborn child. We left the clinic with a smile.

We were anxious to get to the clinic where we need to get our baby's ultrasound test. As soon as we got to the clinic, we went straight to the counter and told the receptionist our intentions. We handed off our payment and went straight upstairs.

By the way, its the same clinic we had our first ultrasound test. You can read my entry here. This time, our anxiety has never been this way because we want to know something... we want to know our baby's gender.

The Sonologist, started to put some kind of ointment to my wife's belly as she lies on the bed. She then put the instrument over it and some blurred figure started to show on the screen. She begins to scan my wife's belly and took some notes.

She showed us our baby's head and face and telling us that the baby's head and face is normal. It seems that our baby is quite shy in showing her face. All we saw was the lower part of its face just enough to let us know that her upper lip is okay.

The doctor continued to scan and showed vital parts of our baby are very good. She showed her beating heart, kidneys and intestines that seems to work fine. She skipped the genitals to show the feet and hands as well as her umbilical cord which is positioned in its right position.

We were quite annoyed with the information that the doctor tells us since we want to know our baby's gender. By the way, my wife and I had this bet that who gets the stronger genes. Since she has all nieces and I have one nephew from our respective siblings, our upcoming child decides whose genes is stronger.

Anyway, the moment that we are waiting for has finally arrived. The doctor steadily finds our baby's gender using her instrument. As I've said earlier, our baby is quite shy and it doesn't want us to see some other information from her. But as shy as she can be, the instrument found its way to show us her genitals.

We were amazed with awe that our baby is a... Girl.

We have already thought of names in advance just in case they are twins or just a single male or female. We are going to name our daughter Marithe' Calleigh with a nickname of Cielo. Although we wanted a boy but Cielo would be a perfect gift to us. 

We will be welcoming her by December as our doctor had said. Our only wish for her is to be healthy and happy. We are very excited for her to be with us. We already bought different things for our baby like dresses, feeding bottles and some other things she and my wife will be needing at her birth. We are also looking forward for a normal delivery.

And as for our last check up, we will be expecting her anytime now. Maybe this week or next week... And we're absolutely excited. Ill post her pictures on my next posts.

Special thanks to reyski_guardian, Charo Santiago and Peanut for following my blog. I really appreciate your time reading my posts. Thanks again!

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