2010 Year End Report

How The Year Was

This year is more fruitful than the past year. 2009 gave us blows that would test our strengths through life. I broke a bone on my right ankle last year rendering me off from work.

I experienced mid life crisis although its kinda late. And Ondoy made our wedding day a disaster. And several others that I already buried back in my memory.

This year, 2010, is much better for us. Although we cannot avoid any mishaps and other trials to move on with life, this year was good to us. In this post, I'm going to grade myself how I did this year. 

This post was inspired with a similar post written by gillboard. So without further running around the bush, here is my self assessment.

First, would be my over all entertainment. This year, there was less new movie, music and gimmicks that I came into. I was held indoors because my wife was experiencing several disorders regarding her pregnancy.

Aside from that money was scant and very elusive that's why I was unable to pass this one. However, I was able to watch some movies in theaters and cable TV. I was able to listen to music stored in Mackie Girl's hard drive. Those pulled up my score with 75%.

I was unable to render some quality time with Nikole and also with my social networking and blogging. My free time was spent attending to my wife's condition. But I'm not complaining. This experience just neglected my passions and was set aside for the time being.

And since Cielo is already out, I can make some practice taking pictures and telling you stories about her in my next entries. I failed this year but I'll make it up in 2011.

TRAVEL - 50%
I only got the chance to get out of town just twice this year. The first one was in Tagaytay. The experience was good and me and my wife enjoyed it together with my colleagues. But the Batangas trip was horrible. As much as possible,

I want to have a good time whenever we get out of town because its our only chance to de-stress ourselves. Anyway, I failed on this one but my wife and I are planning for a Baguio or Coron trip this coming year.

This year, we managed our finances quite good. At least we know our priorities when it comes to our finances. We saved for the coming of Cielo and it was a practice that we cannot forget.

I handled our ATM's and managed our budget somewhat wisely. This coming year, I need to move up the next level to manage our finances and make sure every penny spent goes to our needs and not our wants. I deserve a pat on my back on this category.

Since I was spending more time with my wife, our relationship got stronger. Although we got some arguments to settle every now and then, still we managed to be happy with each others company. I have some issues with her but I can manage it.

And she has also some for me. So we call it a deal. Since Cielo is already with us, our bond got stronger and our relationship got steady as a stone. I'm impressed with my remark on this grade.

At the start of the year, I promised myself to go back to God. The past years was so dark that I couldn't see anything literally and spiritually. This year I decided to go back to Him and reunite our relationship.

I managed to offer some sacrifices and ask for forgiveness and I saw that He still accepts me. God granted my wish and then some more. But human nature got in the way and again I lost my connection to Him again. I missed some Sunday masses but I'm trying to reunite with God again and I was able to complete the anticipated "Simbang Gabi".

And people says that if you complete those nine masses, my wish will be granted. I wished for good health and prosperity for my family. Its still human nature to ask for something from God. But I am very much thankful to be back to my Lord's graciousness and mercy. Praise and glory to God!

CAREER - 80%
Almost all of my friends and batch-mates are already promoted to higher positions. But still I'm not. I'm not really into promotions and I know exactly how to be promoted and I won't do that. Ever. I'm still happy with my job and what it requires me to do.

I love the company and I can still manage my finances. Although I'm almost sick of answering calls and doing stupid stuffs but this year I improved my stats and got what I deserve. I'm looking to stay with the company for another project or start a business for myself soon.

GOALS - 75%
At the start of the year, I created a personal goal for the year 2010. Its quite simple. I failed to quit smoking. I did not succeed in creating my own website. I screwed up learning Flash and photography. 

But the good and most important thing is having a family and I definitely passed this one with flying colors. Priorities will be changing but I'm happy that at least I already completed one of my life's goal. To have a family.

Did I improve myself this year? This one's tough. I'm not sure if I learned something in life and I was able to apply it. Maybe. But that doesn't mean that I would fail on this group. I may have learned something like miscommunication and the difference between listening and hearing.

I also learned some excerpts from the Steven Covey about attitudes of highly effective people. Again, unconsciously, I may have applied those principles to myself and others. But I complain about everything now and I curse easily on a slightest poke which is not good. Just a passing mark on this one.

For this year, I'm not sure if there was an improvement. Many circumstances made my being good and bad. I cannot deny that I am a human being that is prone to these tests and trials. But in those moments that I feel down,

I managed to keep my strengths help me. Still, I held my chin up and face every day with a smile. Took the days in stride and tried to enjoy every moment. I am happy with year 2010.

My final grade however, went on an average of 73% out of a perfect 100%. If 75% is the passing score, I failed this year by just 3 points. But still I'm happy.

Very happy with this year. There's still room for improvement. 2011 is much exciting for me. I have a lot of plans for myself and my family. More on that on my next post.


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