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Hosting is one of the profession I would like to try. Whenever our team has this team building or "gimik" where it needs a host, I would present myself to do the chores. I have to admit I like attention from people. It is a nice feeling to give entertainment and laughs to everyone in the audience.

I also like to watch shows to get some acts to try it on my own and one of those will be the noontime show "Wowowee". But before this show has been ejected from the channel because of the notoriety of the main host, I noticed another model turned host.

I was already following her even before she got the hosting stint and it turned out that she will be our 9MM Girl for the month of October. She is none other than...

Kelly Misa. Born on August 28, 1985, Raquel Denise Galvez Misa graduated from high school at Colegio de San Agustin in Makati City and had her degree at De La Salle University, Manila. She started up as a part-time model but after joining and becoming a finalist of Teen Magazine, her rise up to fame skyrocketed. 

She did commercials for KFC, Globe, Pantene and Ponds. She also did some TV stints like co-hosting Wowowee and played the role of Raya in ABS-CBN's Elias Paniki opposite Jake Cuenca.

As I've said, I have been following Kelly Misa from the moment I saw her on a TV commercial when she gets to speak in Spanish to her soon-to-be-mother-in-law. I already forgot the product but I could never forget the face.

Those angelic face and sweet smile which can launch a thousand ships. Top it off with a nice slim body, no wonder, a man like me cannot resist. And what would a man do with such a lovely woman? Marry her, of course. What else could a man look for in a wife?

I'm sure she has something better than nice looks. She'll be a good wife and for us, envying the lucky man, feast your eyes on these pictures on this post.

For more information about Kelly Misa, visit her Wikipedia account and follow her on Twitter.


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