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October 9 is a special day for me. It celebrates our "monthsary" with my wife. We see to it that we celebrate every ninth of the month to make our love burn. But for the whole music world, it is celebrated differently. 

October 9, 1940 is the day that one of the greatest musician that walked this earth was born. And this page is dedicated for him. And without further introduction, I present to you... 

John Winston Ono Lennon
1940 - 1980

John was born in Liverpool from Julia and Alfred Lennon. He started his music career learning Elvis Presley's songs like Fats Domino's "Ain't That a Shame" through his mother which gave him the banjo. After his high school, he formed a band which was originally "The Quarrymen" which after they did their second concert met Paul McCartney which will then become "The Beatles".

As they were rising up to fame. They sold several million albums and got a huge fan base worldwide. Around 1970, the Beatles broke up and John created his solo career and came up with hit songs like "Give Peace a Chance" and "Imagine".

After that, he devoted his time to his family with Yoko Ono as his wife. He released his comeback album "Double Fantasy" in 1980. But after three weeks of its release, he was murdered. John Lennon was inducted to the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame and Songwriters Hall Of Fame.

I actually loved his band 'The Beatles'. Even though the band split up, he was still able to make good songs that moved people, myself included. He was able to fight for whatever he believed is righteous and just.

Although sometimes I think that he was going overboard, but still he managed to pull up something good. Too bad that I was unable to experience their influence when he was alive, still I look up to him because of the music he shared with us and some unusual things he did to let peace have a chance.

My favorite John Lennon songs are:

Give Peace A Chance
And my favorite quotes from John Lennon are:
"I really thought that love would save us all."
"Reality leaves a lot to the imagination."
Belated happy 70th birthday, John Lennon! May you rest in the peace that you were fighting for.

For more information about John Lennon, visit his Wikipeida and official website.


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