Beer Madness

Oktoberfest 2010

I'm always fond of drinking beer. Although I started off and got alcoholic virginity taken away with a gin when I was young, I see to it that I drink beer before any other alcoholic drinks. In my entire adulthood, I must have drank and tasted all kinds of local beers and then some international beers. 

In different celebrations and gatherings, beer is essential for men and women. For this post, I would list down nine of my favorite beers that has been part of my life.

San Mig Light

Its my least favorite beer. I experienced heavy hangover on this after emptying almost 16 bottles of it.. I would have to think that this beer was made out of the fermented draft beer. That's why they have the tagline: "mahaba-habang inuman". You can never stop until you get a hangover.

Beer Na Beer

Although it tastes like the original beer, it has an after effect of getting your stomach hurl. I've tasted and emptied a few bottles of it and experienced the said ordeal and I swear I won't do it again.


Good beer. I emptied a few bottles of it at our favorite hangout (RJ's Bulalohan) and it has no after effect. Just good experience. Bottoms up on this beer.


Also one of the good beers around. The "KING" has always got me feel majestic. Smooth on the throat and has a good taste. Another bottoms up on this beer.

San Miguel Strong Ice

Another drafted beer but this time, it came from a strong beer. It sometimes gets me hangovers when I drink this one. I can down a few bottles of these and then WAPAK!!! Good taste but I don't like the after effects like an angry stomach and numerous trips to the crapper.

San Miguel Pale Pilsen

The original has always been good. One of the beers that has bitter taste but has smooth effect when you swallow it. No bad experience so far from this beer. Bottoms up on my true friend.

San Miguel Super Dry

When all beers mentioned above are not avaiable, I prefer this one from the menu. Though I'm not sure what's the difference from the other beers but Super Dry is very distinctively smooth. I remembered a bar (or is it a resto?!) at Ortigas that only serves this kind of beer and from then on, we patronized the said place and this beer. Another good product from San Miguel.

Colt 45

I prefer strong beers from any beers. And this one is one of my favorite beer. I remember that I downed 8 bottles of 500ml of these because of their promo 3+1. I ended up going home walking in zigzag. If only I got my drinking powers now, I would have joined their VaVaVroom contest where I could have a chance to win a date with my crush, Cristine Reyes. Damn!

Red Horse

My favorite beer! So strong that it kicks the hell out of me. I'm also on the lookout for bottles of this that has a print of "smiling horse". They call it the ' Happy Horse' where it has a different taste from the regular ones. I may down several bottles of Red Horse but so far I haven't seen or tasted one.

In drinking, may it be hard drinks or just beer, I always live by these principles:
That we are drinking to celebrate and enjoy the moment.
It is also good to just drink it straight to the bladder and not to our brains.
Drinking would bring out the monster in all of us, so drink it moderately to enjoy the experience.
Make sure you have the money to pay for your drinks.
So let's grab a bottle of your favorite beer and raise it up and cheers! And then shout out "Kampay!" What's your favorite beer?


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