Ayala Triangle Garden Photowalk Experience

Prohibited Place To Shoot

I had myself engaged in an agreement that I would fetch my wife everyday from her office and go home. And since my shift ends early, I have this extra time to kill the waiting minutes or sometimes hours even.

Since I am the kind of person that to-do-nothing-is-a-sin, I took Nikole with me and planned the shoot on a nearby park. I just wanted to share you my experience with that shoot and how it ended abruptly.

I am a soloist when it comes to photography. I don't want people trying to teach you the proper stance, proper angle and positioning to take pictures. I know it would be helpful but because Nikole is old and can't compete with the newer models of cameras that people in photography are boasting nowadays. 
I'd rather take pictures in my own style.

Anyway, the preps are almost normal... batteries and memory card are in place and of course, the shoot place... Ayala Triangle Gardens. I selected the place since its walking distance from my wife's office and its very isolated. Located at the back of the Makati Stock Exchange building, its like a backyard of your house. I selected the place.

After work, I went straight to my destination and readied my equipment. Nikole is not yet in the mood so I need to adjust some settings and make her do the things I want her to do. 

Its a slight cloudy afternoon and a perfect condition to take pictures. As soon as I got the "feel" of taking pictures of inanimate objects... I got hooked. 

Anyhow, the experience was too exhilarating to be abruptly noticed by someone in authority. A Security Guard of that park told me to stop taking pictures. Here's what happened:

I was peacefully taking pictures for an hour already when I was interrupted...

Guard: Sir, bawal po yan...
Me: Ang alin?
Guard: Ang pagkuha ng letrato. (with an unusual accent)
Me: Baket? Public park to, di ba?
Guard: Kailangan po ng permit pag mag pektyur...
Me: Public na lugar to, so di kailangan ng permit para kumuha ng litrato. Isa pa nakita na ako ng mga kasama mo at tanging ikaw lang sumita sa akin...
Guard: Basta, bawal po kumuha ng pektyur...
To keep the foreseen long discussion further and it was about time to go, I stopped taking pictures and left the place. But I kept wondering of the situation.

Suppose I am still enjoying taking some shots and its not yet time when this thing happened... I know I'm on the right side since its a public place and I'm not taking shots for investigative purposes.

Of course I know the rules in taking photos and this one cannot be bypassed. Actually, its harassment to photographers. A public place is supposed to be a free zone for photographers. According to the law, its not wrong to take pictures in a place I did the photo shoot.

I should have exercised my rights but because I think its a waste of time, I surrendered. I let him win. So to my fellow photographers... read your rights and exercise it.

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