My High School Past Time

Way back in high school, I used to like drawing and sketching my favorite comic characters. I used to draw Wolverine, Gambit, Rogue, Superman and others whenever I have the free time to spend. I even draw at the back pages of my notebooks when I'm bored with the lessons.

And at break and lunch times, I hang out with my other friends that also like to draw. Fellow students taught of us as the weird students since we draw and talk about comics and draw comic characters. Ask The Reviewer(where the heck are you?!), he is my schoolmate.

Anyway, I got a chance to bump with one of my high school buddies last July. Beforehand, I already forgot those pieces of papers I drew way back and I got to check my Facebook and saw some pictures that tagged me.

J'mee (my friend's name) had posted some drawings that I thought drew by him. By the way, he pursued Fine Arts after high school so I assume how good he is in sketching. When I bumped elbows with him, he said that it was mine. WTF?!

I couldn't recognize my own drawing anymore. He kept it all the while for me. I thought those drawings was lost already from all the piles of papers I recycled. After a brief talk, we parted ways and looking forward to meet him again. In this post I would boast my penciling and sketching skill...

I totally forgot drawing already because of the digital age. I would simply rely on the internet to get my images and edit it with Photoshop or Gimp. But after checking my work from the past, its not bad to draw and sketch again.

I already bought a sketchpad to bring my drawing skills back. I would post my sketches here from now on and hopefully improve it again.

To J'mee, thanks for scanning my drawings and keeping it for archiving purposes. I never thought that you would value these things for me.


Drawn characters are owned by Marvel Entertainment Group and Image Comics.

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