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I am not really a "bookworm" or a person that really loves to read. Even way back when I was still studying, I really don't like to read. But everything changed when I grew some maturity within myself.

Now, I would love to read in every way I can if time allows it. I browse the internet, get some free reads, buy a magazine and other ways I can do it using the available resources.

And since I just found some time to read a book that I purchased way back last year, I am going to share you my thoughts about...

Kapitan Sino?. The latest book released from one of my favorite author, Bob Ong. A story of an ordinary electronics technician named Rogelio Manglicmot that found himself of having extraordinary powers.

A story of love, hope and fighting for something that is right. Published by Visprint Inc. and locally available in any bookstore locally on the Philippines. Kapitan Sino is the seventh book written by Bob Ong.

Verdict. Actually, I am a collector of Bob Ong's book ever since a colleague lent his first masterpiece "ABNKKBSNPLKo?". I followed his books and his now defunct site I like his usage of the native language and the flashback of the things that reminisce our past.

He uses idiomatic but sensible quotes that are popular nowadays in social networking sites. I have my own collection of his quotable qoutes here in my blog complete with translation(I hope my translation is correct). A good author. Period.

For "Kapitan Sino", this is the third time he changed his writing style starting with the book, "Ang Alamat Ng Gubat". He used his fictional writing method in this book. Speaking for myself only, I am not impressed with this change.

Although along the story, he tells the reader about the things he used to grow up with Texas bubblegum, Starkist, Rinbee, Bazooka bubblegum and others that would take you back to memory lane (only to those who live in his generation). You'll know what I am talking about if you have read his previous books. His characters are well described. The settings and story-flow are good but this book lessen my liking about Bob Ong.

I know this change would make him become a better writer/author as he was already tagged or labeled as this particular author that gives nice reflective "quotes". Although the story has some lessons of life that readers like me loves, I hope he'll come up with a better book than the past two.

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Book Review File Number: 0904101921
Kapitan Sino by Bob Ong
Rating: Good

For my rating for Bob Ong's past books, here they are:

Bakit Baligtad Magbas Ang Pilipino - Very Good
Ang Paboritong Libro Ni Hudas - Excellent!
Ang Alamat Ng Gubat - Good
Stainless Longanissa - Very Good
MacArthur - Good


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