Georgina Wilson

Long Legged Hottie

September. Its the start of the "-ber" months already and I have been feeling a little cooler in the temperature here in the Metro.

In a few sleeps and wake ups, its already Christmas. A few more, and the next thing you know, its 2011.

This is the most exciting and anticipated months of the year for me. It is the season of bonuses and pay increase. Its better to sleep at nights. And my child is arriving... soon.

But for this month, I am going to give you, my readers, a Filipina model treat. She's gonna sizzle your cold and rainy month from here on in. So here she is...

Georgina Wilson

I can't say something about her since its very hard to look for her profile and other information on the internet. Maybe, when I have the chance to interview her, I'll update this page. From her Tumblr site, according to Tim Yap, Georgina is one of the "it" girl models that just don't possess beauty and elegance, but the brains to match it.

The first time I saw Georgina Wilson was on a shampoo commercial. She was not yet that appealing on TV yet, but she's lovely already. I scanned the internet for her pictures and I did not made a mistake. She's very appealing and angelic.

Last Sunday, my wife and I saw Georgina together with Borgy Manotoc (I hope I spelled that correct) and some other friends strolling around the Greenhills "Tiangge-an". My jaw dropped when I recognized the tall, sexy and long-legged woman.

She has this elegance that only models have (I repeat, models only). Pretty face, nice smile, sometimes seductive look and slim body and legs. A typical figure and feature of a model.

And I look those physical assets in a woman. I feel sorry for Richard Gutierrez for not sticking with this chick. I hope she gets more exposure aside from billboards and print ads.

For more information about Georgina Wilson, visit her Tumblr and Multiply sites.

Here's my first entry for Gillboard's contest.


Credits to the original uploader of the pictures shown above

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