5 in 1 Horrific Review

This was an excerpt of the things happened last July 14. It includes my review for Star Cinema's movie "Cinco"

After a wrong forecasted weather that rendered the whole Metro Manila electricity-less for almost 24 hours, me and my wife decided to spend the hot and humid afternoon at SM Megamall. We thought that since malls have their own generators and it would be cooler there, we took off and went to that certain mall.

We were full of happy thoughts and expectations while riding the cab. But when we got to our destination... all of our hopes vanished like a bubble bursting into thin air.

The generator of the mall wasn't able to accommodate the entire mall and a few hundred people also came in with the same expectation that we have. We went to the place where NBI clearance are being renewed and to our disbelief, WTF?! 

A long line of people trying to renew their clearances. We decided to watch a movie to ease up the tension but to our dismay, only over-sized electric fans are ventilating the cinemas. Is this for real?! So we decided to rest and waited in one of the waiting areas in the mall to eat some fries to relax and lessen our disappointments.

Thank GOD! The electricity came back and the air conditioning slowly cooled the temperature inside the mall. We went ahead to renew my wife's clearance and decided to watch a movie. Since it was ages ago that we went to watch a movie together, I fell in to watch a Pinoy movie. Here's my review...

Cinco. Five short horror stories. Five directors. One movie. Casting the Philippines' top names in showbiz gathered to make one horror flick to scare the hell out of us. Made by Star Cinema and mostly composed of its Star Magic Talents.

Verdict. I'm not gonna spoil the stories here but rather give some of my points on the movie as well as our experience. I am refraining to watch movies in movie houses because of the annoying people that keeps on spoiling my viewing pleasure.

They keep on chatting, spoiling, laughing loud and screaming with a high pitched tone. And believe me, there are a lot of them and I do mean a lot. If its not only a sin to kill people like these... I have already killed more than a thousand. Kidding aside of course.

As for the movie, The episodes that I only liked are the episodes "Paa" which was well portrayed by Jodi Sta. Maria-Lacson. It was a good story and was well played.

Another good episode was the last one which was starred by Pokwang, Zanjoe Marudo and Bangs Garcia. Pokwang and Empoy (who played a funny gay role) delivered several good scenes that made me laugh and Zanjoe played good to be Pokwang's stalker. 

However the other episodes were just fairly executed. In the episode "Braso", I think it was just a teaser since it showcased half-naked men being initiated in a morgue by fraternity master. For Mariel Rodriguez' episode, I think she's not yet ready for acting flicks like this.

Its like she switched her "plastic mood" on (add up her signature expression "Tama?!") so that even though she's screaming to death, there's this tone that only Mariel could deliver. Maja Salvador and Rayver Cruz's episode was quite confusing and made me dizzy with all the "present-past-future-past-future-present-future-present - - - duh..." (see, I'm already confused!).

For me, two good episodes out of five is fair enough. At least, its original context and story made up for the lack of acting prowess from the cast of the other episodes.

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Rating: Fair


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Cinco Cinco Reviewed by Stone-Cold Angel on 12:45 PM Rating: 5
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