Stone-Cold Angel Is Back... And That's The Bottomline...

Back Again... And Again

For almost two months, I have been unable to post anything here in my blog. I am not sure that you are still interested in my writings but here I am, back again to my entries. I missed writing so much that I have all things lined up on my "to-do" lists.

For now, I think I'll just update you with what's happening with me in this journey and series of moments called "life". So lets start the ball rolling...

Five Months And Counting.
After several months of adjusting herself with her condition, she's now coping up with our baby. Our little precious one is starting to tumble and circling in her womb when I press my ear against my wife's belly. I hear and feel our little one bump against my cheek.

Showing off, I guess. A little excited and anxious to get out already. I always whisper to our little one that don't get too excited to get out. "You will have your time... soon, my child." My wife's appetite got huge and maybe like every hour she's hungry.

I have to control her hunger soon or she gets cut. For now she's stable. We're going to get another ultrasound test for our little one next month and I'll update you guys.

Our house is currently under attack. Being attacked by "termites". At the start of the year, I already noticed them but ignored them completely for we have a formidable house. But last month, they started to show themselves in the most obvious places. In the toilet, kitchen and cabinets.

They leave a pathway of sand-like grains at corners and sides of the wall. Sometimes they even build a house that sticks up the ceiling like a vine of dust. I haven't been able to counter attack because my wife would smell the stench of the solution I will be applying to their lair. 

But I will not be merciful to them since they destroyed some of our things already. This is war!!!

For the past months, we went on a little downhill situation but we slowly crawled up and stood again. With a little help from the Lord, we overcame the hurdles. Slowly, we're getting our life back on a straight line again. 

No regrets with the experience. Its just life. Though it isn't fair, we can still fight back. I'll be posting my entries again on an un-regular basis. So to my dear readers and followers, keep coming back for more of 9MMDOTNET.

I'm still alive!!!

Quoting my favorite wrestler, "and that's the bottom-line... 'coz Stone-Cold said so!"

Special thanks to my latest follower, My_Indecent_Mind.


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